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\author{John Doe} \title{Sample Document}


According to the handbook of van Leunen \cite{vanleunen},
thisparagraph---and certainly this
section---should be longer than one sentence.

\section{More references}

Here we see if the reference \cite{Narendra_1990}
to the Narendra article comes out OK, inparticular,
with volume, number \& pages.

The necessary information for those who would use BibTeX
is available in the 1988 document of Prof.\ Patashnik \cite{btxdoc}.
Interested readers who canread French may also
want to read Poussin's proof\cite{primes}, though
it has nothing at all to do with BibTeX.


This is the concluding paragraph. Here I cite another ofOren Patashnik's books\cite{btxhak} and, again,
van Leunen's and Poussin's \cite{vanleunen,primes}.

\bibliographystyle{plain} % (uses file "plain.bst")
\bibliography{myrefs} % expects file"myrefs.bib"

@string{jgr = "J.~Geophys.~Res."}

author = "Charles Louis Xavier Joseph de la Vall{\'e}e Poussin",
note = "A strong form of the prime numbertheorem, 19th century",
year = 1879

title = "The Chicago Manual of Style",
publisher = "University of Chicago Press",
edition = "Thirteenth",
year = 1982,pages = "400--401",
key = "Chicago"

author = "Donald E. Knuth",
title= "The {{\TeX}book}",
publisher = "Addison-Wesley",
year = 1984

@BOOK{latexbook,author = "Leslie Lamport",
title = "{\LaTeX \rm:} {A} Document Preparation System",
publisher = "Addison-Wesley",
year = 1986

author = "OrenPatashnik",
title = "{Using BibTeX}",
note = "Documentation for general BibTeX users",
month = jan,
year = 1988

author = "Oren Patashnik",
title =...
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