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Mark 10:32-52
Interesting ties
1) Eliminates some events that happened in Jericho (Skipped the story of ZAQUEUS)
Go direct to the time they left the city
The name means – Son of Timaeus
2) Greek word for Timaeus means Honor, the son of honor
The beggar blind man was named honor
* Jesus asked the same question for the disciples as he did forBartimaeus
* James and John wanted power and honor
* The disciples, James and John, were both blind!
* They could not see what it was involved.
They could not see the hurt, the cup, the cross, the baptism, because they were blind.
* They asked for a position while Jesus was about to give us His life
* Both wanted something:
(1) Bartimaeus were conscious and
(2) Thedisciples were not

As followers:
* It is crucial to know Jesus way
* keep on the way in any challenges
* As Jesus knew the adversity we cannot turn away
* As Jesus knew his commitment to go to Jerusalem and as believers we have to follow his way
* Jesus showed us the way; we have to maintain in it
* Preach the sound doctrine
* Preach the Word of God bythe Way of God
* Wrong ways lead us to wrong direction (motivation)

WRONG DIRECTION => is following Jesus by our old ways
“We want you to do for us whatever we ask.” (Mk 10.35)
* Jesus will not ANSWER everything we ask!
* Stop this kind of behavior, “Dad I want… ”
* Jesus listens every prayer but will not answer
whatever we ask
* You do not know whatwe are asking! (Mark 10.38)
* Why? Sometimes our cry is distorted by our motivation
“You know that those who are regarded as rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their high officials exercise authority over them. Not so with you…” (Mark 10.42, 43)
* Exercise (spiritual muscle) authority by God`s way, God`s power, but not by “Gentiles way”.
“…whoever wants to become great amongyou must be your servant,…”
“…whoever wants to be first must be slave of all…”
“…For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve…”

* Conscious about his situation (blindness)
* Heard Jesus was passing
* knew he was the Messiah – the son of David
* by the roadside, rejected by crowd, with noises and dustaround, he could hear that was Jesus
* He believed because he kept the teachings in his heart, and he knew Jesus was the Messiah.
* No other option! Only to cry out (as explosion)!
“Jesus, son of David, Have mercy on me!”
An explosion from inside to outside (as a dynamite)
Eruption inside that change outside
* He was sure it was his chance to be changed
* He did whatever wasnecessary to meet Jesus
We need this kind of DESPERATION again!
* Cry to JESUS with all our heart
(at our homes, services, prayers, or any other meetings)
* When we seek Jesus as Bartimaeus the atmosphere around us will change
* DESPERATION! An explosion will exceed all opposition
* People that CRY OUT until God`s answer our prayers
* Believe in God and do notstop to SHOUT
Religious People – Religious Parade
* Many rebuked him to come to Jesus
* He did not stop to shout until he reached Jesus attention
“Many rebuked him and told him to be quiet…”(Mk 10.48)
* No one had compassion
* No one was able to help him to meet Jesus
* No one could see that blind man situation
* No one believed Jesus could heal Bartimaeus* Become obstacles/barriers for others to come to Jesus
* See things only by natural and not by spiritual eyes

A Visionary (Blind) man
* See the real power (but not the apostles)
He knew Jesus had the authority
* Désperate to meet Jesus
* No one could change his mind.
He knew Jesus was the way, answer, solution!
* No matter what people thought about...
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