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ARI Publication 40 / April 2007

Summary of Biomedical Treatments for Autism
By James B. Adams, Ph.D.
April 2007 Version – see for future updates.

This document is intended to provide a simple summary of the major biomedical treatments available to help children and adults with autism/Asperger’s. Biomedical treatments will not help every child, but they have helped thousands of children improve, sometimes dramatically. This summary is primarily based on the excellent book “Autism: Effective Biomedical Treatments” by Jon Pangborn, Ph.D., and Sidney Baker, MD,. published by the Autism Research Institute. That book provides much more depth on the testing and treatments which are briefly summarized in this document. Another good source of information is “Children with Starving Brains,” by Jaquelyn McCandless, MD. After reading this document, it is highly recommended that you go to those sources for more information. This summary generally follows the DAN! philosophy, which involves trying to treat the underlying causes of the symptoms of autism, based on medical testing, scientific research, and clinical experience, with an emphasis on nutritional interventions. Many of the DAN! treatments have been found by listening to parents and physicians. ARI Survey of Parent Ratings of Treatment Efficacy Most of the treatments listed on the following pages were evaluated as part of the Autism Research Institute (ARI) survey of over 23,000 parents on their opinion of the effectiveness of various treatments for children with autism. For a full copy of the latest ARI Survey, see the last page. Other Interventions: Behavioral interventions, such as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), can also be very helpful to children with autism, and are recommended to be used in conjunction with biomedical treatments. Similarly, speech therapy, sensory integration, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and a good educational program can be very important.


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