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Human habitation of Australia had its beginnings estimated between 48,000 and 42,000 years ago, 23 possibly with the migration of people by land bridges and short seacrossings by distance in Europe Captain James Cook was the one who discovered Australia when exploring the continent to the UK. The discovery was on August 21, 1770 and received the name of New SouthWales The region had been visited by the Portuguese in 1522 and in 1525 and the Netherlands in the seventeenth century what is now Southeast Asia.
The culture of Australia, in large part,is derived from European roots, and more recently the U.S., but distinctive Australian features have evolved from the environment, aboriginal culture, and the influence of neighboring Australia.The vigor and originality of the arts in Australian films, opera, music, painting, theater, dance, and arts, are achieving international recognition. The main distinctive feature of Australia'scultural coming of Aboriginal people who form a unique in the world of prehistoric origin, dark skin. Theirs is the origin of the name of the boomerang and kangaroo. These people have learnedover the years living with the desert, finding water at a place called the White Outback. They have instruments, dances and songs of their own.
The most practiced sports in Australia are:Football, rugby, ice hockey, basketball, surfing and windsurfing.
 Christianity was introduced to the European colonization of Australia from 1788. Christian denominations, the mostprevalent was the Roman Catholic Church, found among Irish convicts and Anglican.
Religions that are also prevalent in Australia are: Buddhists, Muslims and Jews.
As for weddings wasapproved in 2011 that homosexual marriages are legal.
Australia Day
Chinese New Year
Mardi Gras in Sydney
Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show
Sydney Royal Easter Show
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