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São Paulo, ____ de __________ 2012.
Nome:_________________________________________ Nº ____turma:_________________
Professor:____Denise________________________________Disciplina:_Língua Inglesa1) Put in the correct verb forms into the blanks(coloque a forma correta do verbo nos espaços em branco). Use Simple Present.(uso do DO/DOES):

Example: ___ they ______ their friends? (to phone)Answer: Do they phone their friends?

a) _______________you _______________mineral water? (to drink)
b) _______________Sarah and Linda______________their pets? (to feed)
c)_____________your teacher______________your homework? (to check)
d) ______________they _______________in the old house? (to live)
e) ____________________the cat__________on the wall in the mornings?(to sit)
f) _______________Nina ______________computer games? (to play)
g) _____________your grandmother_________the phone? (to answer)

2) Fill the blanks with do, does, don't, doesn't,is, isn't, are ou aren't: Complete os espaços com a opção correta: do, does, don't, doesn't, is, isn't, are ou aren't.
3) -------------------------------------------------
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a) ________you like ice-cream?
Yes I__________. I think everybody_________.
b) __________ Kim from Australia?
Nope, she_________ actually Canadian.
c) We________________like the beachvery much this time of the year. We prefer the mountains.
Really? Why____________that?
Beaches__________________too crowded in the summer.
____________you always go to the mountains in thesummer?
About every two years. It_________ a shame that we________have more free time to travel.

3) Write the sentences use simple present(escreva as sentenças usando simple present):

  |affirmative | negative | questions |
I | I play. | | |
you | You help. | | |
he | | He does not answer. | |
she | | | Does she sing? |
it | It rains. | | |
we | | | Do we dream? |...
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