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tLab-1 Goal: To change the Webport Number You need to change the web port number from current port to current+20 1. Start all services if down. 2. Log on to Oracle Applications as SYSADMIN 3. Choosea responsibility that includes Oracle Applications Manager as an option. 4. Click AutoConfig under Oracle Applications Manager. 5. Click the pencil icon in the Edit Parameters (rightmost) column ofthe application tier context file row. 6. Click each of the parameter tabs to become familiar with the various parameters you can update. 7. Click the oa_ports tab. 8. In the Title column, click on the+ sign to expand oa_ports (if it is not expanded already). 9. Make a note of the existing Active Web Port (s_active_webport) port number, then update the value of this parameter to "current+20" 10.Click Save 11. Answer "Yes" to any prompt, "The following parameters depend on the parameter you just changed. Do you also want to update them?" 12. Log out of Oracle Applications Manager.

Lab-2Goal: To run Autoconfig in Test mode 1. Run the AutoConfig script in test mode. Script located at $AD_TOP/bin $ sh 2. Respond to the prompts. 3. View the AutoConfig Configuration report. Lab-3 Goal : Running autoconfig normally 1. Go to $ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME 2. Run sh 3. Answer the prompts To make the Lab-1 changed ineffect (restart Apache/HTTP Server) 1. Go to$APDMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME 2. Run sh stop 3. Run sh start

Access the application with the new port http://hostname.domainname:port

Lab 4 Goal: Rolling back an autoconfig session Eachexecution of AutoConfig creates a roll back script in case you want to revert back to the previous configuration settings. For this we perform the following steps: Step 1 :Shut down all services: $ cd$ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME $ APPS/

Step 2:Restore AutoConfig session. $ cd $INST_TOP>/admin/out/MMDDhhmm $

Step 3 : Restart all services: $ $ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME/
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