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Time Machine
Coulson pats his shoulder and leaves with a reminder of “Two hours, Barton, and no longer – you know what Fury’s like when he’s stuck in rush hour traffic.” Clint watches him go, wondering what other people think when they overhear comments like that. The fact that Coulson and Fury are in a long-termrelationship is basically an open secret, and there are a lot of rumors flying around trying to pinpoint Clint’s involvement, but none of them are even close to the truth. Clint subtly encourages a few of the more plausible ones. Nobody needs to know exactly what they give him.
The thought 'I want my blanket' meanders across his mind. He hushes it for now, folds his arms behind his head, and waits forsomeone to come by and tell him he can leave.
(or, the one where Clint has an unconventional method of coping with his rather intense life, and Nick and Phil are actually really good parents.)
Hold on a second.
*drowns in shame*
Okay. So, ever read a kink meme prompt and thought 'hm, not really my thing, but sounds interesting'?Ever come back to it and thought a little and suddENLY A FILL BURSTS FULLY-FORMED FROM YOUR HEAD LIKE A GREEK WARRIOR GODDESS?!
Yeah, that happened. The prompt can be found here (, but it's just your bog-standard ageplay fare. I meant this to be short and light and sweet, but, you know, twelve thousand words later...
I hope youenjoy!
(See the end of the work for more notes)
Chapter 1
Chapter Text
Clint’s first memory is of the zoo.
He’s about two and a half, because Barney has a shiny balloon with a bright red 7 on it tied around his wrist and Clint’s perched on his father’s shoulders.  This is Before – before Daddy loses his job, before he starts drinking, beforeMommy begins locking herself in the bedroom to sleep all day.  Barney remembers Before better than Clint does, since by age four Clint is intimately familiar with the bite of his father’s belt.  The rest of his childhood memories are a patchwork of nightmares.
Barney hangs over the railing of the tiger enclosure, wide-eyed and open-mouthed.  Clint’s less interested in the cubs gamboling aboutthan he is in Barney’s balloon,  which bobs wildly in the wind, and he bats at it every time it gets within arm’s reach.  “Daddy,” he says, “wanna balloon.”
“We have balloons at home,” Daddy says, shifting Clint’s weight and backing up to stand in the shade on the opposite side of the path.
Clint pouts.  Those balloons are different, they don’t float like Barney’s birthday balloon does.  “Birds?”“After lunch.”  Daddy raises his voice to be heard over the crowd and calls, “Barney, quit swinging the camera around!”
“Wanna see birds,” Clint says, but doesn’t push it because you don’t argue with Daddy.  He puts his cheek down on the top of his father’s head.  Two exhibits over, there’s a gap in the trees, and he notices something big and golden and fluffy basking in the sun.  “Lion, Daddy.”Daddy doesn’t look.  “We already saw the lions, buddy.”
“‘Nother lion.”  The first one didn’t have a mane.  “Look.”
“We can’t see the lions from here.” Daddy’s getting That Voice.  Clint tucks his thumb into his mouth, his father’s military-regulation buzzcut stinging his cheek, and watches the lion.  He can see it just fine.
Mommy comes back, rooting through her bag, followed by Barney,who’s grinning and carrying Daddy’s camera.  He reaches up, snags the bottom of his balloon, and bops Clint’s leg with it.  Clint grabs it and pulls.  “Hey!”  Barney yanks the string, Clint’s hands squeal across the foil, and the balloon slips out of his grasp. 
“I swear to god, Barney, I’m going to take that thing away from you,” Mommy says, putting her sunglasses on.  “Where are we going now?”...
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