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In general teenagers are very vain and they like spending money on fashion stuff just for the style. Teenagers admire models and famous stars and they often want to look like them. Girls like to lookat the mirror and imagine themselves looking like stars, wearing the same kind of clothes, shoes, make up, etc…. Boys and girls go to the Gym because they worry about their physical appearance. Boyswant to gain muscles and girls want to be slim enough to wear the same kind of clothes models do. Girls worry so much about looking beautiful for the boys that they sometimes exaggerate on the amountof make-up and accessories they wear.
There are six “whys” teens worrying so much about fashion:
For teenagers, fashion is first and foremost a social statement. It is an outward means ofexpression to their peers and the rest of the world.
Fashion also provides teenagers a sense of identity by signaling which "grouping" they belong to ("prep," "punk," "goth," etc.). It mayalso signal a more independent or inclusive personality.
Rebellion may also be acted out via fashion. Since rebellion is often a huge aspect of a teenager's life, it is not shocking thatteens often use licentious or shocking fashion to rebel against their parents, their classmates, and/or society.
Peer Pressure
Many teens pick up on fashion trends in an effort to stave offhumiliation and mocking from peers. Poor fashion choices in the eyes of others can often be an open door to ridicule.
Often, fashion for teenagers is the result of the desire to be like acelebrity. Celebrities are perhaps the greatest influences on teenagers in the modern world, and they can have a huge impact on a teen's ideas about fashion and its importance.
In one hand, I agree withthose who say that teenagers worry too much about their physical appearance and that they spend too much money on fashion stuff. But I’m a girl and I must confess I also love to spend money on fashion...
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