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Android 2.2.1 User’s Guide

October 23, 2010 AUG-2.2.1-101 Android™ mobile technology platform 2.2.1


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Android User’s Guide


About this guide 11 Android basics 15
Starting Android for the first time 16 If you don’t have a SIM card in your GSM phone 16 Your Google Account 16 Additional accounts 18 Google services 18 Getting to know the Home screen 19 Using the touchscreen 22Using the phone’s buttons 23 Using the Trackball 24 Working with menus 25 Options menus 25 Context menus 26 Monitoring your phone’s status 27 Status icons 27 Managing notifications 29 Using the onscreen keyboard 31 Entering text by speaking 34 Editing text 36 Opening and switching applications 38 Locking your screen 40 Customizing the Home screen 41 Connecting quickly with your contacts 43 Optimizingbattery life 44

Connecting to networks and devices 47
Connecting to mobile networks 48 Connecting to Wi-Fi networks 50 Connecting to Bluetooth devices 53 Connecting to a computer via USB 56
AUG-2.2.1-101 Android User’s Guide


Sharing your phone’s mobile data connection 58 Connecting to virtual private networks 61 Working with secure certificates 63

Placing and receiving calls 65Placing and ending calls 66 Answering or rejecting calls 68 Working with the Call log 70 Calling your contacts 72 Listening to your voicemail 73 Dialing by voice 74 Options during a call 75 Managing multiple calls 77

Searching by text and voice 79
Searching your phone and the web 80 Changing Google Search settings 85 Search settings screen 85 Google Search settings screen 85 Using Voice Actions86 Voice Action commands 89

Contacts 93
Opening your contacts 94 Adding contacts 96 Importing, exporting, and sharing contacts 97 Adding a contact to your favorites 99 Searching for a contact 100 Editing contact details 101 Communicating with your contacts 104 Changing which contacts are displayed 106 Joining contacts 108 Separating contact information 109

Accounts 111
Adding and removingaccounts 112 Configuring account sync and display options 115


Android User’s Guide


Gmail 119
Gmail is different 120 Opening Gmail and your Inbox 121 Reading your messages 123 Composing and sending a message 126 Replying to or forwarding a message 128 Working with conversations in batches 130 Labeling a conversation 131 Starring a message 132 Viewing conversations bylabel 133 Copying text from messages 134 Reporting spam 135 Searching for messages 136 Archiving conversations 137 Synchronizing your messages 138 Appending a signature to your messages 140 Changing Gmail settings 141 General Settings 141 Notification settings 142

Calendar 143
Viewing your calendar and events 144 Working in Agenda view 146 Working in Day view 147 Working in Week view 148Working in Month view 149 Viewing event details 150 Creating an event 151 Editing or deleting an event 152 Setting an event reminder 153 Responding to an event reminder 154 Synchronizing and displaying calendars 155 Changing Calendar settings 156

Google Voice 157
Opening Google Voice and your Inbox 158 Reading or listening to your voicemail 160 Exchanging text (SMS) messages 162
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