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(Windows XP, Windows Vista)
Copyright © 2008 Twelve Tone Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.
Cakewalk is a registered trademark, and SONAR
is a trademark of Twelve Tone Systems, Inc.

This file contains supplemental information on SONAR™, Version 8.0.0. It was prepared on September 8, 2008.


Top Issues in SONAR 8 3
User Account Control and SONAR installer3
Disable Anti-Virus/Spyware Software 3
SONAR x64 3
Backwards Compatibility 3
Windows Vista 4
Audio Performance Issues 5
Improving Recording Performance 5
Canceling Changes Made to Real-time Plug-ins 5
DXi’s & Look-ahead Processing at High Latencies 5
External Inserts and WDM Drivers 6
External Insert Delay Offset 6
MIDI Prepare Buffer Size and Automation 6
Control Surface RefreshRate 6
General 8
Windows Media Video (WMV) Profiles 8
External DV Output (IEEE 1394/Firewire) 8
Cakewalk External Encoder Config Utility 9
AudioSnap Palette Auto Load 9
Alpha-blended Bars on Slip-stretched Clips 9
Reset All Selected AudioSnap Transient Markers 9
Scrubbing Audio at Unity Gain 10
Toolbar Background Gradient 10
Console View Auto-Resizing 10
Track View Control Size and Layout11
MIDI Note Velocity Colorization 11
SONAR and Screen Readers for Vision Impaired Users 12
Upgrading to SONAR from an Earlier Version of a Cakewalk Product 12
Known Issues 13
Session Drummer 2 Issues 13
HLP Files Cannot be Opened in Windows Vista 13
Plug-in Windows Flicker or don’t Display Properly 13
X-Ray Windows Not Compatible With Some Plug-ins 13
Using Mono VST Plug-ins on StereoTracks May Cause Out of Sync Audio 15
QuickTime Issues 15
Enabling Mono on a Bus/Main Will Affect Upstream Meters 16
Mono Audio Clips May be Increased by 3dB in Certain Scenarios 16
Adding MIDI Device May Break Control Surface Support and MIDI Key Bindings 16
High-Resolution Audio Boosted by 6dB when Stretched Using MPEX 16
ReWire and Fast Forwarding in SONAR 16
ReWire Tracks Silent WhenUsing Metronome Record Count-in 16
Running Reason with SONAR on Vista 17
TTS-1 DXi Does Not Support 88.2 kHz Sample Rate 17
Using Cakewalk Kinetic Groove Synth in SONAR 8 17
Successive Snapshots Do Not Update Envelope Node Values 17
Potential ‘Pops’ When Using Surround Automation (SONAR Producer Edition Only) 17
Mono Plug-ins on Surround Buses (SONAR Producer Edition Only) 17
Staff View FontMay Require Reboot After SONAR is Installed 17
Digidesign Mbox and Multiprocessing Engine 18
Digidesign Digi 002 and Multiprocessing Engine 18
M-Audio Midisport 8x8 Compatibility 18
M-Audio Delta 1010 Distortion With 5.8ms Latency 18
Frontier/Tascam ASIO Drivers 18
Frontier Design TranzPort Issues 18
Can't Print if Staff View is Floating 19
RIFF/MID Will Not Launch SONAR When Double-clicked19
AutoTune 4 (Graphic Mode) as Clip Effect 19
MIDI Note Will Continue to Play If Now Time is Moved 19
Arpeggiator MFX With Low Rate May Affect Playback 20
Standard AVI Audio Codecs Do Not Support Multichannel Audio 20
No MTC Sync within 1 Minute of Midnight Roll-over 20
Dual Video Monitors Set to Different Color Bit Depths May Affect Performance 20

Top Issues in SONAR 8

UserAccount Control and SONAR installer

To install SONAR in Windows XP Professional and Home Edition or Windows Vista, you must be logged in as a user with administrative privileges.

Once you have installed the product you may then log in as a standard user and use the application without administrative privileges (you may also choose to log in as the same user that installed the applicationif you prefer). Please refer to the notes on User Account Control elsewhere for more information on running SONAR from multiple user accounts on the same computer.

At the time of this writing, the only SONAR component that requires administrative privileges, is the Pentagon I synth. When using Windows Vista, you must choose "Run as Administrator" when launching SONAR in order to use Pentagon...
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