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THESE LICENSE TERMS ARE AN AGREEMENT BETWEEN MICROSOFT CORPORATION (OR, IF APPLICABLE BASED ON WHERE YOU ACQUIRED THE SOFTWARE, ONE OF ITS AFFILIATES) AND YOU. PLEASE READ THEM. THEY APPLY TO THE SOFTWARE NAMED ABOVE WHICH INCLUDES THE MEDIA ON WHICH YOU RECEIVED IT, IF ANY. THE TERMS ALSO APPLY TO THEMICROSOFT: UPDATES, SUPPLEMENTS, INTERNET-BASED SERVICES, AND SUPPORT SERVICES, FOR THIS SOFTWARE UNLESS OTHER TERMS ACCOMPANY THOSE ITEMS. IF SO, THOSE TERMS APPLY. BY USING THE SOFTWARE, YOU ACCEPT THESE TERMS. IF YOU DO NOT ACCEPT THEM, DO NOT USE THE SOFTWARE. MICROSOFT DOES NOT COLLECT ANY INFORMATION FROM YOU OR YOUR COMPUTER SYSTEM THAT CAN BE USED TO IDENTIFY YOU OR CONTACT YOU WITHOUT YOURCONSENT. AS DESCRIBED BELOW, THIS AGREEMENT OPERATES AS YOUR CONSENT TO THE COLLECTION OF CERTAIN INFORMATION FOR INTERNET-BASED SERVICES. INSTALLATION AND USE RIGHTS. If you comply with this agreement, for each license you acquire you have the following rights. You may install and use one copy of the software on one device. You may install multiple copies of the software on one device providedthat you have a license for each copy. You may install and use a second copy of the software on a portable device for use by only the primary user of the first copy. MULTIPLAYER PLAY. This software may contain features that allow you to play the software with other players over a network or the Internet (“Multiplayer Play”). By using such features or otherwise engaging in Multiplayer Play, you agreethat Microsoft or its agents may generate, store and transmit certain information that identifies your computer to other computers for purposes of Multiplayer Play. You also agree that the software may continue to generate, store and transmit such game information as necessary while engaged in Multiplayer Play. You agree that Multiplayer Play is not supervised or otherwise under the control ofMicrosoft or its agents. You acknowledge and agree that Microsoft and its agents have no control over or responsibility for your experience while engaged in Multiplayer Play, or any content or other information or data you may create, encounter or receive, including chat, while you are engaged in Multiplayer Play. You acknowledge and agree that Multiplayer Play may not be consistently available oroperate error free, and that Multiplayer Play may be discontinued by Microsoft or its agents at any time without notice to you. EDITORS. If the software contains a software Editor, or a software Editor is made available to you by Microsoft for use with the software, you may use the Editor only in conjunction with that content specifically identified in the documentation for use with the Editor. If nocontent files are identified, you may not use content or other files from the software with the Editor. You may reproduce and share files or scripts created with the Editor with friends or family on a non-commercial basis only. Microsoft does not grant you the right to sell or otherwise distribute files from the software in exchange for value. CONSENT TO COLLECTION OF INFORMATION FOR INTERNET-BASEDSERVICES. The software contains features that connect to Microsoft computer systems if you use the features while accessing the Internet. In some cases, you will not receive a separate notice when they connect. You may switch off these features or not use them. See the software documentation for more information about these features. Microsoft uses this information only to make the Internet-basedservices available to you. By using these features, you consent to Microsoftʼs collection of this information. Examples of these Internet-based services are online messages, downloadable content and online training and assistance. Microsoft reserves the right to discontinue the Internet-based services at any time. TRANSFER. The first user of the software may transfer it and this agreement directly to...
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