Analise criminal diante dos fatores biológicos

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Crime and it's effect on society

Know the effects of criminal behaviour on communities

Biological: What's is biological ? The name basically sayis everything, if someone grow up in ahouse with a father or mother or one of those, there is envolved with alcohol or drugs or some kind of illegal crimes , you can say that child have a pretty good chance to follow those footsteps, thantheir parent's.
We can say is basically the therory of cause and effect, you take a child ,who see her father beating up her mother because he is alcoholic or see's dealing drug's everyday,that child is learning just bad thing's , they just know bad things so they probably going to become a bad person as well , is like they dont have an choice ,I am pretty sure there is many differentcases of people who being rased for bad parents and became very good persons. But to be honestly I never met or heard about anyone who became different.
It's simple: If are treated like an animalyou going to behaviour like a animal that's my point of view.

Sociological: What's is Socialogical ? Is when a child follow bad example, or follow their friend's who they live everyday , who doescommit bad thing e.g taking drug's commit small crimes on the road's so they take It as example for them.
The Government is an volunteering to it as well , because the young people do not getjob or they dont have any youth support to make they own money .
The only way that they find to get thing's is steal shop's commiting crimes, because some familly on society is really poor , allchild in the worls likes to win present's, clothes, games, money but is not everyone who can get it ,so they find that's the best way that can help them get most everythings,It is the reason why theydo commit crimes , I have heard it on bbc news when riot's came out , destroing london places e.g shop's.
My opinion is because on society have a lot different situations, some of them just do...
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