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The State of Amazonas - Brazil

1. General Facts

➢ Capital City: Manaus (pop. 1,738,641)

➢ Area: 1,570,745.7 km² (606,468.3 sq mi)

➢ It’s the largest state within Brazil➢ Population: 3.393.369

➢ Municipalities: 62

➢ GDP (2007): R$42,023,086.00

2. Environmental Facts

➢ The Amazon represents over half of the planet's remainingrainforests

➢ It comprises the largest and most species-rich tract of tropical rainforest in the world

➢ More than 1/3 of all species in the world live in the Amazon Rainforest

➢ Thelargest biodiversity of the planet is present across the State of Amazonas

➢ 98% of the forest layer in the State of Amazonas is preserved

3. Economical facts

➢ The  Manaus Free TradeZone (ZFM) is a regional development model of the Brazilian Amazonia and one of the most successful regional development models in Brazil 

➢ It comprises three economic poles: trade, industry andagriculture, and cattle raising

➢ The industrial pole is the base of ZFM model

➢ There are more than 600 factories in Manaus

➢ More than 500 thousand direct and indirect jobs inthe industry

➢ More than 50 thousand direct and indirect jobs in the commerce

➢ Sales of US$ 25.7 billion were attained by the industry in 2007

4. How is it possible to protect theenvironment while developing the economy?

➢ The model of the Manaus Free Trade Zone was created by the Brazilian Government in the late 60’s

➢ It resulted in a rare combination ofeconomic development with environmental conservation

➢ The State of Amazonas had a growth of 502.4% in the manufacturing industry between 1985 and 2002

➢ The State has only 2% ofdeforestation

➢ The deforestation had a decrease of 21% between 2002 and 2003

➢ More than 40% of the country's largest state is protected by indigenous reserves and conservation areas of various...
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