Alta momento

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 David was born in Blunderstone ,England, in 1820. His history is so sad, six months after he was born his dad died and seven years later his mother got married to Edward Murdstone. Daviddislike his stepfather and Murdstone’s sister, Jane because Murdstone beats David for going down in his studies. Because of one these fights David bites him and soon after that is sent away to aboarding school, Salem House, with a very bad headmaster, Mr. Creakle. In the Salem House, David befriends James Steerforth and Tommy Traddles
In a holiday David returns home and learn that hismother has given birth to a baby boy, Shortly after David returns to Salen House, his mother and the baby die and David returns home immediately. Murdstone sends him to work in a factory in London,of which Murdstone is joint owner. After that David walks from London to Dover, where he finds his only relative, his unmarried aunt Betsey Trotwood. She agrees to raise him, despite Murdstone'sattempt to regain custody of David. David's aunt renames him "Trotwood Copperfield" and addresses him as "Trot", and it becomes one of the many names that David’s called during the book..David grew up and married his first wife, Dora, who becomes ill and dies. David is troubled until Em'ly, the Peggottys' niece, returns to her uncle. David has felt guilty for some time for havingintroduced Em'ly to Steerforth, who dishonored her. After they made up their friendship, Em'ly, together with some of the Peggottys, and the Micawbers leave for Australia to begin new lives. Beforethey leave, David witnesses a dramatic shipwreck in which Steerforth is killed, as Ham tries to rescue him. David was still sad because of the loss of his wife and other events, so he goesabroad for three years. It is only after he returns that he realizes that Agnes Wickfield has been his true love all along and they had three sons, and their happy marriage takes place at last.
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