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Hey guys. we are here in the friendship program again, and we i
Will start bringing a friendship force community’s member at the show . She came from New York to speak a little aboutit. Hey Alice, I pass you the floor.
Alice – Good Evening Leo, it’s a pleasure being here, and thanks by the introduction.
Leo – You’re welcome. Now Alice tell us about the wonderful jobof this community: “ the friendship force “.
Alice – Well, I think that the friendship force it’s not a new. Many people have listen about that. The friendship force is an organizationthat brings us the possibility of entertainment and culture.
Leo – Oh Tell us more about that.
Alice - If you are tired and need vacations, a good option is a long and relaxingtravel. And you can take all your family along with you. There are people of all ages travelling all over the world and knowing different places and cultures.
Leo – Oh this is fantastic.Alice – In deed. It’s a great way to make friends of different countries, learning about different cultures like food, sport, weather and many others important things. Trust-me. It’s aunique experience. We have this project for a long time and the results have been great. Anyway, to more information you can access our website.
Leo – Well I’m very interested.
Alice – YesI know how you feel. many people dream about knowing new places and the friendship force can help you to get it.
Leo – ok one more thing: the last time I felt so good was in my son’sbirth day .
Alice – Yes we have a lot of fun travelling with this fellowship, and this kind of friendship lasts forever, and this is the most imprtant.
Leo – Sure. Well my friends thetime runs against us. We need take a break and return with songs and more for you. Alice, last words…
Alice – First thank you by inviting me, and don~t forget giving a look in our website..
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