Alpha motors case

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Marketing III

Alpha Motors Case.

The environmental scan analysis takes into account the internal analysis (strengths and weaknesses) and external analysis (opportunitiesand threats)
When talking about the internal analysis, alpha motors strikes against its major weakness which is the fact that ``the company has significant problems withproductivity, costs and profits’’ therefore creating a competitive disadvantage. However there are strengths. As for the strengths Alpha Motors contains is quality, service, customersatisfaction and a strong brand associated to environmental care.
As for the external analysis, the opportunities presents as the markets growing acceptation for the incoming newera of sustainability, however as the case mentions, customers appreciate a sustainable product but are not willing to pay more for it. The threat is most certainly the Asianscompetitor due to they’re low price.
Having mentioned that, Alpha Motor’s strategy is differentiation due to its innovative concept (at the time) of recycling and gas-savingengines, or overall sustainability.
Alpha Motors is overall trying to overcome its weaknesses in order to pursue opportunities.

The advertisement shall bepublished into a selected few magazines where the target audience are a higher leveled economic class and better educated about the harms of non-sustainable products, looking for thatvehicle to be used in a day-to-day basis.
The advertisement will consist of a two-page picture of one model offered (varying the model) by the company, together with itsfeatures and brief explanation to why be it better than the models offered by the eastern world competition.

With the slogan:
Alpha Motors, ingenious minds creating for the future.
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