Alimentação americana e britanica

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The English VS The American – Eating Habits
Food is much more than a mere means of subsistence. It is filled with cultural, emotional and even religious significance.On the next few pages we will talk about the eating habits of the British and the Americans.Regarding to the American cuisine, we will approach the various regions of the U.S.A.: Western, Southwestern, Southern and Midwestern U.S. and New England. The Europeandiscovery of the New World represented a momentous turning point in the history of food. Foods unknown in Europe and Africa till that time, like potatoes, tomatoes, corn and a large variety of beansmigrated eastward, while other sources of food unknown to the Americans, such as pigs, sheep and cattle moved westward. Until the 19th century, before the establishment of the U.S.A. theeating habits of the colonies derived from the traditions of the British Isles and particularly England. During the 20th century the American cuisine was influenced by the migrants coming from all overthe world: Britain, Ireland, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Russia, Japan, China, Cuba, Arabia and many others. Some dishes called typically American have their origin in other countries. Hot dogs,hamburgers and donuts are based on traditional German dishes. Fried chicken is Scottish and African influence.
The Western U.S. cuisine is influenced mostly by the Native American cultures of thisarea. In the Northwest, Oregon and Washington, there are various specialties involving salmon, blackberries and mushrooms. In the Plains/Mountain States, cowboy/ranch culture is a factor; therefore wecan find many variations of beef and outdoor cooking. Also very famous are the Rocky Mountain Oysters, which are bull calf testicals peeled, deep-fried, coated in flour pepper and salt. This delicacy...
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