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Windows Server AppFabric Web Farm Guide 3
Installing and Configuring AppFabric Hosting and Management on a Web Farm 3
Step 1: Configure Domain Security 4
AppFabric Security Model 4
AppFabric Domain Security 5
Step 2: Set Up the Initial AppFabric Base Configuration 6
Prepare and Install AppFabric Hosting and Management on the Base Configuration 7
Prepare and Initialize SQLServer 7
Configure AppFabric Hosting and Management on the Base Configuration 7
Create and Initialize Databases Using the Windows PowerShell Cmdlets 8
Create and Initialize Databases Using the AppFabric Configuration Wizard 9
Step 3: Install AppFabric on the Web Farm 10
Configure CAS Policy 11
Install AppFabric 12
Step 4: Configure AppFabric Hosting and Management on the Web Farm 12AppFabric Configuration Wizard 12
Remote AppFabric Configuration 13
Scripting AppFabric Configuration 14
Step 5: Transfer AppFabric Applications to the Web Farm 15
Application Transfer Using MSDEPLOY in IIS 15
Export an Application Using IIS 16
Import an Application Using IIS 16
Application Transfer Using MSDEPLOY Scripting 16
Changing AppFabric Configuration on a Web Farm 17Configuration Change Mechanisms 17
Configuration Change Recommendations 18
Remove an AppFabric Server from a Web Farm 18
Leave the Web Farm 19
Remove AppFabric Hosting and Management Support from Web Applications 19
Windows Server AppFabric Caching 19
Using Caching on an AppFabric Web Farm 21
Web Farm Caching Configuration 22
Application Pool Identity 22
ASP.NET Session StateProvider 23
AppFabric Scripting Samples 24
Sample: Windows PowerShell Script to Configure Throttling on Multiple Computers 24
Sample: Scripted Configuration of AppFabric 24
Sample: Synchronize All Computers in a Web Farm to a Model Computer 25
Sample: Import and Export an Application in Windows Server AppFabric 25
Summary 25

Windows Server AppFabric Web Farm Guide
Windows ServerAppFabric is an extension to Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0 using the Windows Process Activation service (WAS). Windows Server AppFabric hosting and management delivers improved hosting and management of .NET Framework 4 Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and Windows Workflow (WF) services. AppFabric hosting and management provides support for improved management, deployment, andsimplified configuration of these services. Windows Server AppFabric caching offers a high-speed in-memory cache to improve scalability of .NET Framework and ASP.NET applications. For more information about the hosting, management, and caching capabilities of Windows Server AppFabric, see Windows Server AppFabric.
Within a small AppFabric installation or within a development environment, having a singleAppFabric server is sufficient. In this configuration the SQL Server instance may even be on the same server as AppFabric, and users’ processing needs can be met. However, in a larger production environment, a Web farm using multiple AppFabric servers is recommended to handle increased user load. Load balancing distributes incoming requests so that the processing of incoming messages is spreadacross multiple servers. With a Web farm of AppFabric servers, you can implement load-balancing solutions using a hardware or software element on a common front-end dispatcher. For example, you could use the software option of Network Load Balancing Services (NLBS) that comes with Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition. For a technical overview of NLBS, see Network Load Balancing TechnicalOverview. For more information about step-by-step configuration of NLBS, see Network Load Balancing Step-by-Step Guide.
Web farms not only increase performance by reducing the load on each server, but also increase availability. If one server in the Web farm is disabled (for example, taken offline for maintenance), other servers in the Web farm take over, so users are never aware of the offline...
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