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Saint Patrick’s Day
Celebrated on 17 March, Saint Patrick's Day (Day of St. Patrick, patron saint of Ireland), is the most important date in the country.Every year thousands of people have gathered in the center of Dublin, to attend the festivities and watch the parade of bands, floats and carriages, folk art shows, plays and fireworks in the capital's main thoroughfares. Civic-religiouscharacter (the country is predominantly Catholic), the festival attracts tourists from all over the world, ensuring an even more cosmopolitan atmosphere to the Irish metropolis. 
Saint Patrick was born of a wealthy family in the Welsh town of Banwen, Roman Britain in the fourth century. Reportedly, at age 16, was kidnapped by pirates and carried to Ireland for six years subjected to forced labor in thefield. As his own writings, "heard voices", which encouraged him to escape from captivity. Later, the same "voices" would lead the life of a missionary. Patrick became a priest, devoting himself to the conversion of Irish Catholicism.First bishop of Ireland, died on March 17, 461, around 70 years.Canonized in the face of miracles attributed to him, came to be revered, from the eighth century, asApostle and Patron Saint of Ireland. 
Among the deeds to prove decisive for the holiness of Patrick (Patrick), the legend that had driven all the snakes and other venomous animals of the Irish soil. Regardless of popular belief, science shows that there are no snakes in Ireland post-ice age. For the Catholic tradition, however, the fame of 'miracle' attributed to St. Patrick led him to reverencethe Catholic altars, transforming it into the Irish guard preferred.

Celebração do Saint Patrick's Day em Temple bar, área dos Pubs.

The celebration of Saint Patrick's Day in Dublin, Ireland

Despite centuries of Catholic culture and the preservation of traditional religious precepts, with massive attendance at the morning Mass at the "Saint Patrick's Day," a young crowd takes to thestreets early, infected by the interest in 'secular party'.
Interesting how the celebration moves to the Irish. The patriotic sentiment surfaces through the thousands of flags in the colors green, white and red, unfurled in the streets and facades of buildings in central Dublin. The March 17, included in the official calendar since 1903, it was religious event celebrated for centuries, although thefestival frolics popular in current patterns, recent onset has, since 1996, a marathon of events from the eve of public holiday.
The Festival of Saint Patrick, held in a country full of 'pubs', one of the national symbols, gives rise to exaggerated consumption of alcoholic beverages, especially the traditional beer 'Guinness', and beat the absolute leader in preference drinkers "the Emerald Isle"simple reference to the Irish is predominantly green in bucolic landscape of their country.

Celebração do Saint Patrick's Day em Grafton street, rua de pedestres em Dublin.
Beyond Saint Patrick - Tourism in Dublin

Amid the relaxed atmosphere of Ireland's biggest party, tourists tend to undertake a 'tour' in Dublin, for a fleeting program for the capital's landmarks. Must a visit to TrinityCollege, founded in 1592 by Queen Elizabeth I (Ireland was part of the UK, which broke at the beginning of last century, becoming a Republic). The Trinity is the largest university in the country and one of the largest in Western Europe. It was recently ranked among the 'top 100' of Europe (13th) and world (49th). Located on the ground of nineteen acres in the heart of Dublin, has facilities atthe highest level of research and sports, housed in old buildings and modern architectural lines that attest to its historical beauty.
Art and Culture Center, Dublin has other attractive material that can not be excluded on the script of the visitor. Among them, the National Museum, National Gallery and Irish Museum of Modern Art

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