Against me

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Last night I listened to Against Me!’s “The Disco Before the Breakdown” album, all three songs, while reading the lyrics online. I was introduced to Against Me! by my friend, who also loves music.She showed me a whole new chapter in music, and her showing me Against Me! is just a little sentence in that chapter. Now, if someone shows me music, I will listen to it. I show people songs all thetime, and when they don’t truely listen to it, I take it like a slap in the face since music is the most important thing I have. It’s like me spitting on the thing you love the most out of everything inthe whole world. So when she showed me these songs, I really listened. There is nothing better than the feeling that music gives me when I truely hear the music. I want to know everything about everysong ever invented. About every artist and musician and songwriter.

I’m from a small town in Nevada County and people tend to judge you very easily, so its really hard to act yourself. That’s whythis album is a perfect addition to my little ‘punk phase’ I’m currently going through.

“The Disco Before the Breakdown”
“And if you follow the jaw-line down over the heart, the curves of yourbone and muscle that make up your head to toe…it’s just skin and thread, stitches and ligaments, words that we spoke only to regret. I know they’re going to laugh at us when they see us out togetherholding hands like this. They wouldn’t understand it if we told them all the reasons, not that I think this deserves any kind of explanation. We can make it up so we’ve got a smile painted on all thetime, no matter what it’s like on the inside. We’ll keep this, keep us like a secret, because if my family and friends ever found out about the things we could never be, haunts we’ll always keep, sofucking bittersweet. And I know they’re going to laugh, laugh at us when they see us out together holding hands like this. They wouldn’t understand it, if we told them all the reasons, not that I think...
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