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Temperature-Control Display Hair Straightener
Instruction Manual

Brief induction:
This appliance can provide professional straighten effectiveness lasting for a long period. With itsprofessional shape and the set temperature, the titanium plates and the heating technology will provide the ultra long-term straightening effect. The adjustable temperature feature makes the appliance moreunique, which can acquire optimal effect for every customer.

Read the Instruction Manual carefully before using, and preserve it for the future conference.
1. The working voltage is110/220V~, and the average power is 40W.
2. Please check if the indicated voltage is the same as the local main voltage before plugging in.
3. After plugging in and pressing down the switch,the LEDlight start to light and the temperature indicates “150” condition.
4. Press the button of temperature up or down to the suitable degree
5. Press once and the temperature will turn up 20 degrees andthe temperature range is from 150 to 230” degree. .
7. In the heating process, the figure in the screen will flash continuously until it reaches the set degree.
8. After the appliance is heated upto the set temperature, it enters into constant temperature condition.
9. In order to avoid hazard, the appliance will shut off automatically if there is no operation over one hour. After using,pull off the plug. If you want to re-switch it on, wait until after three seconds.
10.when use up, awaiting for the plates cooled completely, then fold it.
1. While it is plugged in, theappliance should not be left without attendance. When the appliance is heating, or when it is still hot after using, make sure that the heatproof side is always on the up side.
2. Do not use it near orabove water, including the bathroom, the washing basin and the washing vessel. If you use it in the bathroom, it is dangerous even after you have switched it off or have pulled out the plug.
3. This...
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