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Contactors type AF1350 / AF1650

AF1350/AF1650 3-pole Contactors
a.c./d.c. Operated - Wide voltage range Electronic Coil Interface

The AF1350/AF1650 3-pole contactors are of the block type design. ● Main poles and auxiliary contact blocks – 3 main poles, – 1 N.O. and 1 N.C. auxiliary contacts (1 contact block fitted on the left hand side). – 2 N.O. and 2 N.C. auxiliarycontacts (1 contact block fitted on each side) A maximum of 4 auxiliary contact blocks can be fitted on each contactor. ● Electronic control The contactors are fitted with an electronic coil interface controlled by a specific integrated circuit developed by ABB. Advantages – Wide voltage range, 100...250 V a.c. and d.c. – Can manage large voltage variations – Reduced power consumption – Very distinctclosing and opening – Noise free – Can withstand voltage interruptions or voltage dips in the control supply (≤ 20 ms) ● Control inputs The AF1350/AF1650 contactors are as standard equipped with low voltage inputs for control, for example by a PLC
(☞ see drawing below) AF1350/AF1650 specific design


Contactor closed

Contactor open

Uc min. Normal range

Uc max.


Operational limits 0.85 Uc min. 0.77 Uc min.
3 5L

1.1 Uc max.

0.55 Uc min.


Ui=1 000V

1 1L

l nera r Ge Fo

50A, x 16 e. Ma Us

V AC 600A

3 6T

2 4T

1 2T

Control inputs (AF1350/AF1650)
24V 0V Supply voltage A1 A2 Contactor ON OFF_N COMMON

ON OFF X5 1 2 3

Control circuit with electronic coil interface.

2 1SFC101005C0201


AF1350/AF1650 3-pole Contactors
a.c./d.c. Operated - Wide voltage range Electronic Coil Interface

● The most compact 1650A contactor ● Modern family design to match other ABB products ● Type 2 coordinated with breakers ● Electronic coil interface ● PLC operation possible ● cULus approved ● Low environmental impact thanks to Life Cycle Assessment

AF1350 and 1650are modern and compact 3-pole contactors designed for heavy duty industrial applications. They are designed for carrying and switching both inductive (AC-3) and resitive (AC-1) loads. High mechanical and electrical endurance make them suitable also for motor applications. Typical applications are as: – Transfer switch or as main isolation contactor in generator sets – Main contactor for staticpower switching – Main or by-pass contactor in windmills – Main or by-pass contactor for frequency drives and softstarters – Y/D starters for example on board ships The coil is electronically controlled with features such as wide coil voltage range, low pull-in value and low power consumption to mention some of the features. It can also be operated with a low voltage signal directly from a PLC. Thesecontactors are fully tested together with ABB breakers to meet type 2 co-ordination. For motor applications there is a three phase electronic overload relay called E1250 DU available.


1SFC 101005C0201

AF1350/AF1650 3-pole Contactors
Ordering details
Contactor (Terminal screws and fixing screws included)
Rated operational current AC-1 AC-3 θ < 40 °C 400 V A A Auxiliarycontacts fitted Type Order code Weight kg


1 piece

1350 1650

860 1050

AF1350 / AF1650

1 2 1 2

1 2 1 2

AF1350-30-11 AF1350-30-22 AF1650-30-11 AF1650-30-22

1SFL 65 7001 R7011 1SFL 65 7001 R7022 1SFL 67 7001 R7011 1SFL 67 7001 R7022

34.00 34.00 35.00 35.00


Auxiliary contact blocks (side mounting)
For contactor type Contactblocks Type Order code Packing pieces Weight kg

CAL 18-11


AF1350, AF1650
1) CAL18-11B

1 1

1 1

CAL18-11 CAL18-11B 1)

1SFN 01 0720 R1011 1SFN 01 0720 R3311

2 2

0.050 0.050

is a block for mounting outside a CAL18-11 block.


Main contact sets For contactor type AF1350 AF1650 Arc chutes/De-ionizing plates


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