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This e-book covers a number of interesting circuits. They have been presented for a reason.
The original circuits come from an Indian Electronics
Magazine and most of them had faults. Either they were over-designed, poorly designed or contained a fault.
In the process of bringing these faults and corrections to you, we have created this eBook of 70 Interesting Circuits.
You can lean a lot from other peoples mistakes. Not only will you remember not to make the same mistake but the corrections and improvements generally require less components. The art of designing a circuit is to make it as simple as possible and use the least number of components.
But before you put a design into production, get someone else to look at it.
Another "set of eyes" will see things differently and maybe simplify or improve the design.
We have already presented a set of pages called "Spot The
Mistake," showing dozens of faulty circuits and how to check and test things before releasing them. It is surprising that a magazine with a readership of over 1,000,000 could publish items with glaring faults.
The faulty projects in this collection have a revised circuit included in the article and you can compare the two designs.
It only takes a minute to see a circuit will not work and a few more minutes to create a improved design.
This is what we are teaching in this section . . . how to look at a circuit with a "critical eye" then design an improvement.
This is called REVERSE ENGINEERING and involves the highest


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