101 Things to do in tokyo

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1. Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya Crossing is a good place to see the bright lights of Tokyo.

Shibuya has been featured in countless movies, television shows and music videos. It is arguably the most famous spot in Japan. Make sure to check out the little statue of Hachiko located in the square.

Hachiko was a dog (in the 1920s) who came to meet his owner every night at the station. His ownerdied but Hachiko continued to come each evening to wait for his return for over 10 years. In the evenings, you will see hundreds of people standing around Hachiko waiting for friends. The statue of Hachiko is the busiest meeting spot in Japan. After taking some photos of the crossing (much more photogenic at night). Take a walk up Sentagai (the street the crossing leads in to). Shibuya is a goodplace for shopping, dinner and drinks.

2. Yoyogi park on a Sunday

Yoyogi park attracts plenty of interesting people on Sunday including fashion subculture fans, members of the Tokyo Rockabilly Club, hipsters, hippies and everyone else you can imagine.

3. Odaiba

Take the Yurikamome Monorail to Odaiba to check out some great views of Tokyo Bay. Odaiba is a large artificialisland that features entertainment, restaurants and shopping complexes. Attractions include Fuji Television Building (one of Japan's most popular TV stations), a huge Gundam and a smallish replica of the statue of liberty. It is a popular spot for young Tokyo couples to go on a date.

4. Shimbashi Nightlife

Even if you aren't a big drinker you should explore Tokyo's nightlife. A goodplace to start is Shimbashi, a popular spot with Japanese salary men after work. Check out Shimbashi's many outdoor yakitori stands. The area is unique for its tiny restaurants jammed under the Yamanote line train tracks.

5. Shopping in Ginza

Ginza is Asia's premiere upscale shopping area. Even if you are not in the market for Tiffany's diamonds or Cartier watches it is a interesting placeto go for a walk. Ginza is popular with Japanese office ladies.

6. Shopping in Omotesando

Omotesando is an upscale (second only to Ginza) shopping and dining area. Its main street (Omotesando dori) is a wide tree-lined boulevard that's reminiscent of the Champs-Élysées in Paris. It's a great place to go for a walk on a sunny afternoon. Omotesando features many appealing restaurantsand cafes.

7. Go to a love hotel

Love hotels are an interesting experience especially if you can find a nice one. You have to be a male - female couple to go in. Depending on the time of day they have different plans from three hours to all night. There are love hotels all over Tokyo and they should not be hard to find. Check out Shibuya, Shinjuku or Shin-Yokohama.

8. Sensoji TempleSensoji is Tokyo's oldest (and most visited) temple. It's also the site of Tokyo's biggest festival: the Sanja Matsuri.

9. Inogashira Park

Inogashira Park is a large (95 acre) park in Tokyo dedicated to the vengeful goddess of music. It has a large pond and boat rentals. It's a popular place to enjoy hanami in Spring. The nearby Kichijoji area also has plenty of shopping,restaurants and night life.

10. Electronics Shopping in Akihabara

Akihabara is otaku paradise. It's the best place in Tokyo to find electronics, anime and manga. It's possible to find obscure items in Akihabara such as robot parts.

11. Shopping in Shimokitazawa

Shimokitazawa is a hipster neighborhood that hasn't changed all that much since WWII. It's a good place to spot Japanesestreet fashions. Shimokitazawa is also known for its quirky little shops, live houses (concert halls), cafes and bars.

12. Kappabashi

Ever wonder where all those plastic models of food in front of Japanese restaurants come from? Kappabashi is the mecca of Japanese kitchen supplies.

13. MOS Burger

MOS Burger is a quality Japanese fast food chain. A lot of the burgers have...
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