• Eletromagnetismo - exercicios resolvidos do hayt
    CHAPTER 1 1.1. Given the vectors M = −10ax + 4ay − 8az and N = 8ax + 7ay − 2az , find: a) a unit vector in the direction of −M + 2N. −M + 2N = 10ax − 4ay + 8az + 16ax + 14ay − 4az = (26, 10, 4) Thus a= (26, 10, 4) = (0.92, 0.36, 0.14) |(26, 10, 4)| b) the magnitude of 5ax
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  • Present simple vs present continuous
    Present simple and present continuous |Present simple | |We use the present simple to talk about: | |regular habits and routines. | |We usually go rollerblading
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  • Present perfect simples
    TEXTO PARA A PRÓXIMA QUESTÃO (Unesp 2001) IELTS The International English Language Testing System The IELTS is an increasingly valuable worldwide test to assess your proficiency in English. It tests all four skills - Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. There are two options offered
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  • Present continuos
    Atividade 1 – Fill in the blanks with the Simple Present or the Present Continuous. 1. Dennis ______(drink, usually) coffee with his breakfast, but this morning he _____ (drink) tea instead. 2. Mike ______ (take) three classes this semester. Every morning he _____ (study) for two hours before he
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  • Simple past
    Todos os Tempos Verbais em Inglês Here you have all the verb tenses in English.Have fun! Aqui estão os tempos verbais em Inglês. Divirta-se! Obs:às vezes o tempo" continuous" é chamado de "Progressive". Usamos ambos os nomes pois são corretos. Nota:por sugestão de vários estudantes, tra
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  • Simple past
    Respostas da atividade avaliativa 1 De língua inglesa II A. Directions: Fill in the blanks with the Simple Past or the Present Perfect of the verbs in parentheses. 1. I knew ( Know) Tim when he was a child, but I saw ( see) him for many years. I know ( know) Larry, my best friend, for more
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  • Past continuos and simple past
    SIMPLE PRESENT x PRESENT CONTINUOUS (PROGRESSIVE)Fill in the spaces with the correct form of the verb in simple present tense or present progressive tense. | Example: I (watch) watch a lot of movies. [Simple present tense] Example: I (watch) am watching a movie now. [Present progressive tense]
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  • Fg present
    Background and Foreground Modeling Using Nonparametric Kernel Density Estimation for Visual Surveillance AHMED ELGAMMAL, RAMANI DURAISWAMI, MEMBER, IEEE, DAVID HARWOOD, AND LARRY S. DAVIS, FELLOW, IEEE Invited Paper Automatic understanding of events happening at a site is the ultimate goal for m
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  • Hayt exercícios resolvidos
    CHAPTER 1 1.1. Given the vectors M = −10ax + 4ay − 8az and N = 8ax + 7ay − 2az , find: a) a unit vector in the direction of −M + 2N. −M + 2N = 10ax − 4ay + 8az + 16ax + 14ay − 4az = (26, 10, 4) Thus a= b) the magnitude of 5ax + N − 3M: (5, 0, 0) + (8, 7, −2) − (−30, 12, −24)
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  • Exercicios de termodinàmica
    2 Introduction… GETTING STARTED IN THERMODYNAMICS: INTRODUCTORY CONCEPTS AND DEFINITIONS chapter objective The word thermodynamics stems from the Greek words therme (heat) and dynamis (force). Although various aspects of what is now known as thermodynamics have been of interest since ant
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  • Either digraphs or pre-topological spaces?
    ISSN: 1984 – 8625 – n´mero 6 – IFSP - Sert˜ozinho u a EITHER DIGRAPHS OR PRE-TOPOLOGICAL SPACES? J. CARLOS S. KIIHL1 , IRWEN VALLE GUADALUPE2 RESUMO: Neste artigo mostramos que os digrafos podem ser identificados, de um modo natural, com espa¸os pre-topol´gicos finitos. Mostramos c o
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