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Open government data: proposal the one generic value chain.

1 – Introduction and justificative
The public organization always were big users from Information Technology (IT). Nowadays, in the context the IT, we can highlight the Internet. Since the Internet the public organization did adhesion the platform technology called government electronic or e-gov., this platform turn able one severalopportunities the news products or services the society. The join this factors: intensive use by Information Technology, grown use and importance the internet, coupled with greater demands by society for with governs, turn able the appearance the one new platform technology called “open government data”.
Open data government mean the disponible the information in the internet, this way theinformation can be use for others, society and general. Basic premise the OGD that others (in special the society) have free access the information (obviously, respecting the legals issues) this way that can use and generate news information and application – products and services.
In OGD the main objective is not offer products and/or services (applications) ready for society, but possibilityaccess the database government, this fact conditions the interest by society the actions by government. The o government, sponsor these initiatives should relate to all levels of society to achieve their goals.
Initiatives for disponible OGD still are recents. In this Europe, only at 2009 the governments actually aroused for this technology platform. In this EUA these preoccupation had attentionsince this current president - Barack Obama (OBAMA, 2009). Parallel to these facts, there is few works about this theme, there is not in event, magazines and journals, academics works about this theme. However, in parallel this precocity the theme, this assumes quickly important role in this public scene and technological.
About one hundred the countries already develop initiatives with OGD. It isplausible that news demands (socials, legal and technology) should be fertile ground these initiatives. Other important point with relation this theme, is that, maybe, for first time the society can be used the public information for economics objectives, beyond this traditional initiatives for improve citizenship.

2- Problem question and objectives.
Thus justified the relevance of this workbecause of the demands above and since the lack of academic works about the subject. Thus it is proposed the following research question: How, superior knowledge, about this activities develop in the value chain of OGD can contribute for initiatives government with open data may be more effective?
For answer this question the work have as main objective identify and description the activitiesdevelop along the value chain of open government data.
Of different shape the value chain that make products and/or physical services, where the role information is “intermediate” the process, in the value chain de OGD the products and/or services are the own information. Thus, for identification and description the activities develop in this value chain will proposed one model that contemplatethese possible activities. This model is based on some authors and logically during field research can should be modified to adapt the actual reality. In some moments, maybe, if required to do an analysis of these activities from the viewpoint of economic interests in this chain, then will use the assumptions of the "information economy" as definitions (SHAPIRO & VARIAN, 1998).
However,identification and description the activities develop according to the optics the value chain and of economy information maybe is not sufficient for answer the gaps existing in this theme, because the analysis according to the optics the value chain show the following assumptions: focus on activities, thus is not demonstrates who (executor) is involved on respective activities; presupposes the...
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