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Getting started with Adobe® Reader®
Adobe Reader is the gold standard for reliably viewing PDF documents on Android™ phones and tablets. Let’s take a look at the ways you can use PDF documents withAdobe Reader. Swipe to the next page to get started!


I have PDF documents saved in my email and bookmarked in my web browser, plus a whole bunch more in other apps. How do I open them withAdobe Reader?
Opening PDF documents with Adobe Reader is as simple as tapping your finger. Swipe ahead to see how.

In your email app, tap the View button next to the attach icon . Easy!SAVE


Tip: Select the Use by Default option to use Adobe Reader for all your PDF documents.

Web browser
When you open a PDF link in your web browser, it is saved in your Downloadswidget. Simply tap the PDF file you want to open.


Here, there, and everywhere
If your PDF document is stored in another app, you can often open it by tapping the document icon or filename. My PDF documents are in Adobe Reader. Now what do I do?
Tap the middle of the screen once to reveal the toolbars. After a few moments, they disappear until you tap again.

How do I get fromone page to another?
Tap the document icon in the toolbar to change how you view pages. Go with the flow or view one page at a time! In Continuous, swipe up or down on the screen to change pages. InSingle Page, swipe left or right to change pages. Or tap the right or left edge. Go ahead, try it now!

Continuous Single Page Text Reflow Automatic

Get right to the point with documentscrubbing.
When your PDF document has five or more pages, a handy scrubber bar appears at the bottom of the screen. Remember to tap the middle of the screen to bring up the toolbars. Try it now!

Page 1 Try it yourself.
Take a moment to see how easy it is to navigate PDF documents in Adobe Reader. Try out the different viewing modes and scrubber bar. Remember: Tap the middle of the screen to...
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