O corpo e o heroi

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Centro Educacional Darcy Ribeiro
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The Body Is the Hero
The Body Is the Hero

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O trabalho relatará sobre o funcionamento do nosso corpo comoele age no momento em que estamos nos exercitando, fala sobre as células que nos ajuda a se fortalecer quando estamos doentes, e também fala sobre o tempo que o nosso cérebro leva a perceber umador.

The Body Is the Hero

Those tremendous volumes give us the ability to run, to keep enough oxygen and sugar moving to our legs and arms so that our muscles can move even after hours ofcontinuous effort. But the price we have to pay for all this quickness and power is a severe one. A bacterium from a cut in your finger can reach your brain in a little over four seconds. A pneumococcus inyour lungs can reach the bones of your arms in three seconds.
With a circulatory system such as we have, we certainly need protection. And it is there: a group of chemical protectors and microbialkillers so quick and so powerful that, in spite of our size, our circulatory system, and all our human mistakes, we survive.
This remarkable system of protection is within us. It is provided by the...