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In nowadays most of the cities in the world would desire to host a mega-event such as the Olympic Games. When a city bid to host the Olympic Games the first item that is looked after are the economicbenefits that a country might obtain. Nevertheless, when a city host the Olympic Games not only economic benefits such as the development of the infrastructure, gains with tourism and investmentsthat are going to be done in the country are achieved. Also non economic benefits for example the image that a host country can show to the world, the sport legacy that is leaved behind during and afteran Olympic Games and the exchange of experience between peoples with a different nationality during the games are also acquired. Furthermore researchers from all around the world are exploring thosenon economic benefits and their consequences. In these essay some non economic benefits such as the one mentioned above are going to be discussed.
Firstly, the host country, specifically developingcountries, has an opportunity to transmit to the world an image about the country. The host city can also produce the image of what it is convenient for the time. China is an example, one of the mainreason to host the Olympic Games was to enhance its international image (Goodspeed, 2008) cited in Nadeau, O`Reilly and Heslop (2011). Furthermore negative publicity was also present in Western media(Human Rights Watch, 2007) cited in Nadeau, O`Reilly and Heslop (2011) and with the Olympic Games China had the chance to change the worlds perspective about political and cultural values. In additionwhen hosting the Olympic Games the country is able to show to the world that is a possible and good touristic destination. Hence the opportunity that the host country has to improve or not its imageneeds to be considered as an important factor when biding or hosting the games.
Secondly, the sports legacy that is leaved behind after an Olympic Games might be enough for a country to bid and host...