A famous portuguese criminal

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The story of a famous Portuguese criminal:
Renato Seabra

Curricular Unit: English I
Date: 07.12.2011

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Renato Seabra1

Crime Committed 2


Renato Seabra

Renato Seabra is described as being a calm, sensible, shy, serene and simple person. Theboy who grew up in Canthanede, became famous after participating in a Portuguese reality TV show for top models called “Searching for a Dream”, where he came in second place.
Renato Seabra had amodeling contract with an agency called Face Models, founded by the fashion designer Fátima Lopes who developed the show and was a judge on it.
He is someone who loves sports, he has been playingbasketball since he was 12 years old and it is his favorite sport. He was finishing his degree in Sciences of Sport at the University of Coimbra.
His relationship with Carlos Castro began on Facebook. Themodel lived with Carlos Castro at his new house in Lisbon. This was known to be Renato Seabras first gay relationship which ended after the tragic discussion, in New York.


Crime CommittedCarlos Castro and Renato Seabra travelled to the United States for New Year’s Eve with a couple of friends. Their friends, during an interview after the homicide, stated that there was some frictionbetween the couple but that they had no idea that something so terrible could ever happen as the two men had been visiting many places together.
On a Friday night, Carlos and Renato were supposed tomeet up with their friends, when only Renato appeared and allegedly said that Carlos would never leave the hotel again. After hearing what Renato had said, their friends notified the hotel staff and...
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