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Lesson 25
To agree, agreed -to have or express the same opinion about something as someone else
Ex- She agreed the contract yesterday.
To subscribe, subscribed-to pay money, usually oncea year, to have copies of a newspaper or magazine sent to you, or to have some other service
Ex- She subscribed the newspaper for six months.
Subscription-an amount of money you pay,usually once a year, to receive copies of a newspaper or magazine, or receive a service, or the act of paying money for this
Ex- He is subscribed that magazine anymore.
Subscriber- someone who paysmoney, usually once a year, to receive copies of a newspaper or magazine, or to have a service
Ex-Now He is a subscriber to that newspaper.
Agreement - an arrangement or promise to do something, madeby two or more people, companies, organizations etc.
Ex- She broke the agreement.
Nutritionist- someone who has a special knowledge of nutrition
Ex- Her dream is to be a nutritionist.
Energy- thephysical and mental strength that makes you able to do things
Ex-We lost the game, because we was without energy.
Hope- to want something to happen or be true and to believe that it is possible orlikely
Ex-The hope never die.
Computing- the use of computers as a job, in a business etc.
Ex- She decline to work without computing.
Programming- the activity of writing programs for computers, orsomething written by a programme
Ex- He knows all about programming.
Memory- someone's ability to remember things, places, experiences etc
Ex- He has an amazing memory.
Dynamic- full of energyand new ideas, and determined to succeed
Ex- This is a dynamic idea.
Hole- an empty space in something solid
Ex- Brasil’s streets has many hole.
Whole- all of something
Introduction- theact of bringing something into use for the first time
Ex- She did a good introduction of her work.
Instruction- the written information that tells you how to do or use something
Ex- The instruction...
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