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Capital: Rabat
Population: 33757175
Official Language:Arabic
Most Poppulated City: Casablanca
Continent: Africa
Moroccan people are known bydrinking green tea with mint, before and after the meals.
Morocco is a constitucional monarchy with a parlament wich is elected by the population. This is a very rarecharacteristic to find in any country: to have a king and to have a elected parlament at the same time. Morocco's king is Mohammad VI, the only (known) homosexual kingin the world.
Karueein University
Is situated in morocco the oldest (known) university in the world. It was founded in 859 a.C.. by Fátima Al-Fihria member of onerich family from Tunisia that came to Marocco construct the University.
Morocco's standard religion is Islamic. Known as one of the most strict countrys in terms ofrelegion because most of its population prays five time a day.
Did you know: that in Morocco is almost impossible to find any dog? Because of the religion. To theislamic relegion the dog is a unpure animal, so nobody can have it.
In respect for the religion women have the cultural habit to use the burqa. A piece of “clothing” thatcovers all the women body.
In Morocco the houses don't have a fixed mesure for the door. It happens because the richer the family that lives there is the bigger thedoor is.
The palm tree is a very comun plant in Morocco, the most usual to find.In there is usual to find a Zara store, and there are sold burq as well.The beggars areknown to beggin money in multiple languages.During the day, is herd the speakers calling people to go pray five times a day.Is very dificult to buy alcohol in Morocco.
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