Writing a letter advanced level

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  • Publicado : 27 de dezembro de 2012
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Dear Elena,
It has been so long since we last talked, how have been?
About your worries: you should definitely come its wonderful here in London, although the weather is the worst;it is really cold. But the schools here are great; you have an environment that you will really enjoy, you can make friends from all over the word, because there are a lot of studentsdoing exchange program, and I guarantee that you won’t feel lonely, I have known you for ages and I know you make friends easily.
The first friend I made is guy who was running totherapeutic relationships class and bumped into me throwing all my thinks in the air. You won’t believe it, he didn’t even attempt to help me pick my things up or even apologise. He justturned his back at me and if I hadn’t called him back he would have starts to run away again. Well you know me I couldn’t keep my mouth shut so I called him back and then he said hewas sorry and also said he didn’t want to be late to class. I now understand why. The teacher from therapeutic relationships is awesome, when you are in her class you don’t even attemptto speak, it is like you are charmed by what she says and teaches. The reason for that is because she loves what she does and that shows when she teaches us.
About your time off, youhave lots of it. School normally finishes at midday and you have the afternoon off as well as the weekend. So as you see there is plenty of free time to visit the whole city and enjoywith your friends playing all sort of games, visiting malls and much more.
Well I don’t see why you shouldn’t come apart from the expenses; they are huge, you have the house, theuniversity and more. The weather as I said before is not the best. So it is really up to you if you want to improve your English this is definitely the place to do it.
Kind regards,
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