World geography in christian perspective

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Chapter 7 Review
Record Holders
1. Andes Mountains
2. Mount Aconcagua
3. Amazon Basin
4. Amazon
5. Angels Falls

Terms and people
1. make up nearly 70%of the population
2. Indian for mountains
3. Spanish children born in the New World
4. known as "The Liberator"
5. he conquered the Inca and shipped their gold to Spain
6.established Cuzco
7. devastated Peru's fishing industry
8. established one of the Americas' earliest empires along the shore of Lake Titicaca
9. the Portuguese naval commander whose discovery ofthis land gave Portugal its foothold on the New World
10. was against Paraguay and Bolivia over access to the Gran Chaco and the Parana River
11. cattle herders of the Pampas

Places archipelago of volcanic peaks 600 miles west of Ecuador
2. the continent’s largest lake
3. covers much of the central part of Venezuela
4. South American waterfalls that has the longestdrop in the world
5. runs north through the plains and highlands, eventually draining into the Atlantic
6. a volcano in Ecuador
7. river in South America believed to be the main source ofthe Amazon River
8. a high plateau which lies between South America's Cordillera Occidental and Cordillera Oriental
9. an important river of eastern South America
10. a mountainous SouthAmerican tableland , a large system of tablelands and river valleys in eastern South America
11. a large waterfall on the border of Brazil, Argentine, and Paraguay
12. a city in Brazil in theAmazon Basin
13. where political prisoners were kept in horrible conditions
14. an archipelago at the southernmost tip of South America
15. a desert in southern South America that is theLargest in the Western Hemisphere
16. desert along South America's western coast
17. a temperate grassland in south-central South America

1. Drake Passage
2. Amazon River,...
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