Work and friendship

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  • Publicado : 22 de agosto de 2012
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Composition: Work and friendship

Friendship at work is important to make the environment better and I think everybody should have some moments outside work justfor fun. At work is common to happen argue sometimes, because different departments can have different priorities, but in a peaceful place it is possible to have a conversation inorder to find the better solution.

Nowadays I am having a good situation at work, with a nice boss and many partners available to help. Of course difficulties still happenand sometimes I get stressed, but I try to stay calm and don’t show my feelings for to everybody.

This is the first time that a have a woman as a boss. She is young and she issingle as I am, and we became kind of friends. It is very different from my past experiences, when I had two older men, older, as bosses. The conversation now with my boss can bemore personnel, since we have more things in common.

I had the opportunity to go to a party with her and it was nice. We talked about going to other places, as a disco that weboth enjoy. I was quite worried not to mix our positions at work becoming a friend of my boss.

I worked with her just for two months and I didn’t have the opportunity to goout with my boss to for different places. I still have contact with her and I think now it would be easier to see her in a disco and don’t worry about work purposes.

Herposition was replaced by for another woman, that who is younger but already married and who lives in another city. Try to reorganize the vocabulary for this last sentence.

Herposition was replaced by another young woman, but she is married and lives in another city. So, it would be more difficult now to have friendship with my new boss outside work.
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