Wind tower materials

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Felipe Oliva Buratto.

Engeneering Student at Escola Politécnica da Universidade do Estado de São Paulo. Intern at CBMM.

 Introduction

 Market outlook
 Wind Tower – Steel and the MWhcost  Steels in use today  Conclusions  References

Mankind depends on energy to survive! Without energy it would be impossible to maintain our lifestyle.

For many years mankind has generatedenergy by burning fossil fuels. Until today 80 % of the World energy comes from fossil fuels. In China over 92 % is based on fossil fuels. As fossil fuels are not renewable and one day will come to anend, so...

Renewable energy sources!!!

Oxford Dictionary

Noun (usually renewables) A source of energy that is not depleted by use, such as;
 Biomass  Biofuels  Geothermal  Water Wind

 Solar

What about the environment?

Fossil fuel processing and energy generation accounts for 14 billion tonnes of CO2 per year!

Biomass and biofuels are burnt to generate energy,producing CO2!
Source; BP Statistical Review of World Energy June 2011

Not only renewable, it must be clean!

Renewables which generate energy without generating CO2.

Market outlook

Solarand wind power grew the most within the clean renewable sources, both have achieved and surpassed early forecasts.

In the past ten years:  Solar energy has grown over 35 times.  Wind power grewover 10 times and by the end of 2010 reached the expected for 2012.

Source; BP Statistical Review of World Energy June 2011

Clean Renewables Distribution2000

Clean Renewables Distribution-2010
Wind Solar Geothermal Water





Source GWEC:”Anual Market Update.”, April, 2012”.

Steel and the MWh cost.

Images adapted from “Steels Solutions inthe Green Economy”, WSA, 2012.

 Capacity

 Building
 Lifespan  Maintenance  Disposal

To minimize the factors the proper building material has to be chosen.

 Composites...