Why we must not block scalar energy

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  • Publicado : 23 de agosto de 2012
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Susan: To begin, I will define scalar energy. The name came from Nikolah Tesla, a Hungarian scientist from the 20th century. He was able to measure a free energy that wasavailable throughout the universe. He invented many machines that could capture this free energy.. He had many patents. But as happens with many great scientists, his patents were boughtup by rich financiers, he was persecuted and humiliated and did everything to hide and impede his discoveries. They make money off of oil and gas so he was persecuted.

Dr.Keppe has done a lot of writing about scalar energy and has furthered Tesla´s work and written a lot about how this energy connects to our psychological health and well-being whichis the metaphysical side of analytical Trilogy. So when you the term scalar energy in this chapter it is referring to the free energy in the universe.

Claudia: Dr Keppe alsocalls this energy essential energy. He sees it as the basic energy that gives origin to electromagnetic, gravitational waves, orbital energy, and then the particles and electrons,protons, neutrons and so on. So this scalar energy would be the energy that gives birth to everything in the universe.


-How is it possible to transform thealiment that we eat in something superior that is our life?
- What do you think happens?
- It seems as it is not the aliment that is transformed in life, but it furnishes thenecessary impulse for the (scalar) energy to gain force.

The way of thinking in our traditional science is erroneous because we want to take energy from an inferior element. Thisdoesn’t only happen in the field of nutrition, but in the area of physics too, when we want to take energy from matter (for example from petroleum) which destroys the nature.
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