What's an article

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What is an article?

An article is written for unknown readers often to raise issues or provoke thought. It should:

Involve presentation/discussion of a point of view supported by evidence.Have an introduction which states the overall topic.

Be divided into clear paragraphs according to the topic of each.

Return to the question or round off the argument in the conclusionUse a variety of structures and vocabulary to retain the reader’s interest.

Use a style appropriate to the specified audience.

Hints on good article writing:

The first sentenceshould never be too obvious. It should get the reader thinking about the subject at hand – don’t announce what you’re going to write about.

Comments and personal views are more than welcome andshould be written in a clever way, by using idiomatic expressions, metaphoric sentences, similes (as busy as a bee, as strong as a bear) or even humorously or light-heartedly.

In the conclusion,make sure you give the reader some food for though – but don’t be in a hurry to end it!

Longer, more complex sentences (This favourite destination remains the Algarve’s most well-known resort...).Persuasive language in order to create a positive picture (refreshing Atlantic breezes, utterly charming).

Advice giving (You can stroll...).

Wide range of adjectival phrases (beautifulsandy beaches/ narrow twisted streets).

Here are nine ways in which to begin an article:

A surprising fact, perhaps including statistics.

A surprising, shocking or bizarrestatement, to keep the reader reading out of curiosity about how it is going to continue.

A question which will help to define the subject you’re writing about.

A quotation spoken by someoneof relevance.

A story that illustrates what you are going to say.

A statement of the topic, which mentions what the topic is and often summarizes what your going to say.

A definition...
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