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Embedding Success

Developing Windows Embedded Compact Applications With C# and Silverlight

 Be able to use application development tools
for embedded development  Get basics todevelop Windows Embedde Compact 7 applications  Be efficient when working with data  Get know-how to optimize an application
ISV/Software Solutions Mobility Solutions

 Knowledgeof embedded systems  Experience with object concepts  C# development knowledge

3-day Core Training Content
DAY 1 Introduction to Windows Embedded platforms Presentation of developers tools formobile apps On-line help MSDN Detailed presentation of Visual Studio 2008 (VS2008) Deploy an application for Smart Device + Software development Kit (SDK) Presentation of the remote tools Presentationof the WEC7 API Create a custom shell for WEC7 DAY 2 Presentation of the Compact Framework Develop a managed application Develop a native application Develop a native DLL Interface managed code withnative code User interface controls and mobile apps  General UI guidance for mobile apps  UI controls development Windows messages management Communication between applications  Lab 8Orientationaware control  Lab 9Create custom controls  Lab 10Override the WndProc in a C# app  Lab 11Communication with WinCE Message Queues  Lab 7Interop C# with native DLL  Lab 5Debugging a managedapplication  Lab 6Create a Win32 smart device application  Lab 1Create a VS2008 application from scratch  Lab 2How to use the remote tools  Lab 3API WEC7 wrappers  Lab 4Create WEC7 shell Application Development with WEC7

DAY 3 What’s new in Compact Framework 3.5 WCF over http Data management (XML, filesystem, and database) LINQ Internationalization  Lab 14Use LINQ in a C#application  Lab 15Create internationalized forms  Lab 12Core connectivity framework  Lab 13Sample web service calculator

Development, installer of Windows Mobile applications  Lab 16Create a CAB...
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