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Lab Report – Physics
Title: Working with objects and density
Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to determine unknown objects by analyzingdifferent densities. Each object will probably have different densities, what will allow you to conclude what object it is by looking at a book with the densityinformation.
Equipment and materials: For this lab you will use 2 different objects, a beaker with a hole for the water to come out, water, a smallbeaker with mL marks, string, a balance.

Procedure: First, measure the masses of each object on the balance. Record the values. Fill the beakerwith a hole with water. Fill it as much as possible. Then, place the small beaker with the mL marks under the hole. Attach a string to the object and putthe object in the water. Record the amount of water that came out of the hole into the beaker.

Analysis: On this lab, the experimental erroroccurred because the amount of water that comes out of the beaker is not precise. When the object was immersed in water, the water came out slowly. Tofind out the density of the object, you will get the mass and divide by the volume of water that came out.
Results: The results were apparently good,with some experimental error. To improve the experiment, make sure the equipment used is as much precise as possible.
Conclusion: The objects that cameout were made out of zinc for the first object and yttrium for the second one. The results supported the hypothesis. The objects obtained could be correct.