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Note: Flex Test Drive requires Flex 4.5 SDK and Flash Builder 4.5; download a 60-day trial version of Flash Builder 4.5 before continuing if you haven't already.
Build the user interface

* Download Flash Builder 4.5 Trial
* Download the Test Drive solution files (ZIP, 14 MB)
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
xmlns:mx="library://ns.adobe.com/flex/mx" minWidth="955" minHeight="600">
<s:Label x="50" y="50" color="maroon" fontSize="20" fontWeight="bold" text="XYZ Corporation Directory"/>
<s:Button id="empBtn" x="50" y="100" label="Employees"/>
<s:Button id="deptBtn" x="140" y="100"label="Departments"/>
<s:DataGrid id="empDg" x="50" y="130" requestedRowCount="4">
<s:GridColumn dataField="dataField1" headerText="Column 1"></s:GridColumn>
<s:GridColumn dataField="dataField2" headerText="Column 2"></s:GridColumn>
<s:GridColumn dataField="dataField3"headerText="Column 3"></s:GridColumn>
<fx:Object dataField1="Sample Data" dataField2="Sample Data" dataField3="Sample Data"></fx:Object>
<fx:Object dataField1="data1" dataField2="data1" dataField3="data1"></fx:Object><fx:Object dataField1="data2" dataField2="data2" dataField3="data2"></fx:Object>
<fx:Object dataField1="data3" dataField2="data3" dataField3="data3"></fx:Object>
<fx:Object dataField1="data4" dataField2="data4" dataField3="data4"></fx:Object>
Inthis Test Drive, you are going to create a Flex application that retrieves, displays, and modifies database records (see Figure 1). A Flex application does not connect directly to a remote database. Instead, you connect it to a data service written in your favorite web language (PHP, ColdFusion, Java, or any other server-side web technology).  You will build the front-end Flex application; thedatabase and the server-side code to read, add, edit, and delete database records is provided for you as a PHP class, a ColdFusion component, or Java classes.

Figure 1. The completed Test Drive application.
In this module, you are going to build a Flex project and a Flex application that retrieves data from the database and displays it. Employee data will be displayed on one "page" in theapplication and Department data on another.
The first task is to create a new Flex project for your application server and create the user interface. You'll retrieve data from the server and display it in the next tutorial.
Step 1: Install the server files on a local application server.
Follow the instructions in one of the sections below.
* Setup for PHP
* Setup for ColdFusion
* Setup forJava
The setup files include a database and server-side files to manipulate data in the database. Your Flex application will call methods of one of these server-side files, EmployeeService.
Note: If you installed the server files for the Flex 4.5 Test Drive for Mobile (add link) or  the Flex 4.5 trial email sample applications, you can skip this step. The same server-side files are used for allthree.
Setup for PHP
1. Download the Test Drive setup archive (ZIP; 15.7 MB) archive and unzip  testdrive_setup_PHP file. It contains a Database and a Test Drive folder.
2. Create a testdrive_db database on your MySQL installation using the testdrive_db.sql file located in the Database folder. If you do not have permissions to create a database, use the testdrive_table.sql file instead...