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Atenção: os nomes, endereços e informações contidas no modelo são fictícios e semelhança com a realidade é mera coincidência--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Joao de Oliveira Silva
#204-1228 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC, V6G 2W8
Phone: 604-624-3955 Email:jaooSilva@gmail.com

Objective: i.e. A position, which offers the possibility to build a long lasting career

Observação 1: neste campo você deve colocar de forma breve e objetiva qual é o seu objetivoprofissional. Evite frases vagas do tipo “my objective is to find a job in Vancouver”. Prefira algo mais específico do tipo “my objective is to find a job in Tourism management, which is the area ofmy education e professional experience”

Employment History

Company name Date
City, Province, Counrty
Position: Title of your positionResponsibilities:

Observação 2: seja o mais breve e objetivo possível ao descrever suas responsabilidades abaixo. Evite frases vagas e idéias repetidas

Provided administrative support toall departments including Executive Office. Acted as the “go-to” person for staff questions on policies, procedures, business equipment and various other topics
Provided a consistent level ofadministrative support services by standardizing correspondence templates, formats, protocol and procedures
Preserved, organized and managed records and information by expanding and maintaining theorganizational records management system. Advised on methods to maintain security and confidentiality of records
Monitored and controlled costs of office equipment; researched options for replacementof office machines; presented recommended budget
Member of the Health & Safety Committee as well as the Emergency Response Committee

Company name Date
City, Province, Counrty...