Typhon - explorando vulnerabilidades

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NGS Typhon III
Computer and Network security is of paramount importance to a variety of organisations. Typhon III empowers organisations to significantly reduce their digital risk exposures, and effectively manage security concerns. This generic vulnerability assessment solution can scan web servers, application servers, LDAP servers, mail servers, firewalls, other generic servers, desktopclient systems and any SNMP compliant network device.
Security assurance is a complicated and time consuming process, with a careful balance between functionality and security needing to be struck. Combining the use of Typhon III with other NCC Group NGS vulnerability assessment tools helps to strike this balance. With an ever-increasing variety of threats, from automated scripts to sophisticatedapplications being developed on a daily basis, security can often seem like an escalating state of conflict. Typhon III gives client organisations and individuals the ability to assess their infrastructure or application security by scouring their systems for multiple vulnerabilities at the click of a mouse. The level and depth to which Typhon III goes is unparalleled by any other similar applicationcurrently available.

“This is the best general vulnerability scanner I’ve found with respect to dealing with security issues for database servers..., I was impressed with how rapid it was able to perform the scans and how accurate the reports were...., the documentation is awesome, especially when it discovers vulnerabilities.” - Brian Kelley, SQLServerCentral.com

Combining cutting edge research from the world’s leading vulnerability research organisation with assessment skills developed by their renowned attack-based security consultancy, the NCC Group’s NGS Typhon III vulnerability scanner transforms the process of discovering and fixing infrastructure and web application vulnerabilities into an exact science. Capable of accurately identifyingcurrent and historical security vulnerabilities together with the latest issues discovered by the NCC Group, the fastest non-intrusive vulnerability scanner on the market can help assure regulatory compliance and protect your business from threats like worms, rootkits, phishing, cross site scripting (XSS) and SQL injection, along with emerging risks such as pharming and theft of confidential data. Byproviding a comprehensive security audit of all hosts in your network, from routers and printers through to web and email servers, as well as detailed advice on remediation, Typhon III ensures your network stays secure. It helps to expose weak passwords in a variety of protocols and contains thousands of checks for common vulnerabilities and configuration errors. It can also audit web applicationsusing its integrated web spider, which will find every page and script on a web site (even hidden, unlinked and test files) whilst also testing for SQL injection and cross-site scripting. Typhon III is simply the fastest and most comprehensive security-auditing tool currently available. Designed and developed by the world’s leading vulnerability researchers (who between them have discovered morevulnerabilities than any other company since 2002). Typhon III is the best defence against threats to your IT security posture. Typhon III now also supports Compliance Auditing. Several standard compliance templates are supported, including PCI-DSS V2.2, FISMA, HIPAA, SANS Top 20, SOX, and GLBA. All UNIX system audits are now carried out via authenticated SSH sessions for added security andprotection.

Features and Benefits
Typhon III has a number of key benefits, including:

NGS Typhon III
High Speed Scanning
Typhon III is capable of providing an in-depth audit within times that are unsurpassed. It can quickly and easily scan individual machines and network classes within minutes. Typhon III also has one of the fastest and most in-depth TCP/UDP port scanners in the business and...