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ProgeCAD LT 2006 Tutorial
ProgeCAD LT 2006 is a freeware CAD program that is “an easy replacement for AutoCAD® and AutoCAD LT®”. It reads and writes AutoCAD DWG files, uses industry standard AutoCADcommands, and has AutoCAD menu, script, and font compatibility. You can download the latest version from www.progecad.com. 1. Download and Install the program a. Copy the file PCADLT2006.EXE ontoyour desktop. b. Run the file. c. You should get the message at right displayed on your screen. Ignore it and click “finish.” You will then get the message at right. On the next window, click on “next.”d. At this point, the license agreement will be displayed. ProgeCAD LT 2006 is freeware, but you are not allowed to sell it or modify it. Click on “I accept” and “Next” if you are okay with this.e. Choose where you would like it installed and click on “Next” f. On the next window, click on “Next” again to begin the installation.

g. After the program is copied to your hard drive, thewindow at right will appear. Select “standard menu.” You will then be shown the “readme” file. Click on “okay”, and then “finish.”

2. Run the program. a. From the windows “start menu”, run ProgeCAD LT2006. b. You should get the window at right. Select “Run progeCAD LT 2006” and click “Next.”

c. The program will begin by asking you to “Use a template”. Don’t do this – instead, select “Startfrom scratch” – the button with the blank white sheet at the top left. Click on “OK”

d. You will then see the window at right. Select “English” and click on “OK.” You will then be asked to donatemoney (which you may if you like) – click “close” if you want to move on.

e. Now you will be given some information about the libraries that are available. Click “OK”. You will be given the chance toselect a library. Just pick one and click “OK”.

f. The window at right will appear. Just close it.

g. Now you are ready to begin!

3. Using the program. a. You should see the following...