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Evolução da marca IBM

International Time Recording
Company (1889-1914)
The International Time Recording Company (ITR) began as the Bundy Manufacturing Company in Auburn, New York. ITR's main product line were mechanical time recorders invented and patented by Willard L. Bundy in 1888.
Computing Scale Company
In 1891, Edward Canby and Orange O. Ozias, two businessmen fromDayton, Ohio, purchased the patents for the newly invented computing scale and incorporated the Computing Scale Company for the production of commercial scales

Company (1911-1924)
In 1911, financier Charles R. Flint directed the merger of the International Time Recording Company, the Computing Scale Company and the Tabulating Machine Company to form theComputing-Tabulating-Recording Company (CTR). In 1914 Thomas J. Watson, Sr., was named general manager of CTR. Watson emphasized research and engineering, and introduced into the company his famous motto "THINK."

International Business Machines
In 1924, the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company adopted the name International Business Machines Corporation. The ornate, rococo letters thatformed the "CTR" logo were replaced by the words "Business Machines" in more contemporary sans-sarif type, and in a form intended to suggest a globe, girdled by the word "International."

IBM in transition
IBM borrowed on the equities in its brand image and reputation to help carry it through a difficult transition from the punched-card tabulating business to computers. It began with achange to the logotype, the first in 22 years. The new logo appeared on the masthead of the January 1, 1947 issue of Business Machines with surprisingly little fanfare. The familiar "globe" was replaced with the simple letters "IBM" in a typeface called Beton Bold.
IBM continuity
In May 1956, shortly before he died, Thomas J. Watson, Sr., presided over the official installation ofhis son as IBM's chief executive. Tom Watson, Jr. moved quickly, using both actions and symbols to signify a new era. The first visible expression was a relatively subtle change in the company's logotype subtle, in part, to communicate that any changes would come within an overall continuity. Created by noted graphic designer Paul Rand, the new logotype replaced the former Beton Bold typographywith City Medium, as the letters "IBM" took on a more solid, grounded and balanced appearance.
Continuity logo examples

Tempo de Gravação Internacional
Companhia (1889-1914)
A Recording Company Internacional Time (ITR) começou como a Bundy Manufacturing Company em Auburn, Nova York. Linha de ITR do principal produto foram gravadores de tempo mecânico inventado e patenteado por Willard L. Bundyem 1888.

ITR gravador tempo
ITR foi mais tarde incorporada pela Companhia Computing-Tabulating-Recording - a precursora da IBM - em 1911.

Empresa Scale Computing
Em 1891, Edward Canby e Laranja O. Ozias, dois empresários de Dayton, Ohio, comprou as patentes para a computação em escala recém-inventado e incorporou a Companhia Scale Computing para a produção de balançascomerciais

Companhia (1911-1924)
Em 1911, o financista Charles R. Flint dirigiu a fusão da Sociedade Internacional Tempo de gravação, a Companhia Scale Computing ea Tabulating Machine Company para formar a Companhia Computing-Tabulating-Recording (CTR). Em 1914, Thomas J. Watson, Sr., foi nomeado gerente geral da CTR. Watson ênfase à pesquisa e engenharia, eintroduzido na empresa o seu lema famoso "pensar".

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Negócios Internacional de Máquinas
Em 1924, a Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company adotou o nome International Business Machines Corporation. O ornamentado, letras rococó que formaram a "CTR" logo foram substituídas pelas palavras "Business Machines" em mais tipo sans-Sarif contemporânea, e de forma a...
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