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  • Publicado : 24 de abril de 2012
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Future consumer forecast 2013
By Ruth Marshall-Johnson, WGSN, 07 September 2011

In this report you will find the key consumer issues we have identified for 2013 to guide consumer thinking.
This is our most forward-looking consumer research and over the next four pages we highlight the
consumer influences that are starting to show up on our radar and analyse what these earlysigns mean
at this stage.
In order to build a picture of the 2013 landscape on which to plan and research, we also sketch out
developing consumer tribes and introduce key consumer topics that will reach commercial fruition by

The consumer priorities in 2013 will be...
Open-source world

These priorities allow us to name the key consumer tribes for 2013...Democratic Hedonists
Reality Worshippers
New-Wave Culturalists

What key factors will affect these priorities and inform consumer desire?
Urge to de-tech
Correct and decent
Need for balance between wonder and reality
Ask the big questions
Rich but useful engagement

It helps to pinpoint where we are now ...
Globally people are reacting to a state of overwhelmed confusion - we have too muchand we know too
But 2012 will also see the world prepared to enter a new state of wonder - pushing against boundaries
and looking to be awed
Consumers will feel able to engage with and search for superb design, awe-inspiring technology and
products that really enhance our lives
There will be increasing desire for amazing products and communications that are beautiful, but also
offerincredible performance (instead offering beauty at the expense of great performance)
Finding this balance will be the consumer's big challenge to the creative industries

The internet has given birth to a fast-reacting and multi-contextual glocal consumer
We're watching as the generations most strongly shaped by the digital revolution become the key
influence on how the 21st centurylooks and behaves
Many feel we are finally saying goodbye to the old millennium, and preparing to embrace a new world
We're setting out to build the foundations of the new millennium by taking the best of the past and
reshaping it for a very different world
Big economic and cultural shifts are happening - around the world we're working out how to make
them interpretable and actionable forour industries

Envisioning how 2013 will evolve
The introduction to our spring/summer 2013 macro trends proclaims 'Welcome to the new reality' and
this is also at the core of our future consumer forecast.
Why is the reality now different to the reality we will experience then? Because there will be a tangible
physical, emotional and mental change in the way we live. Right now we are livingthrough a period of
readjustment, but by 2013 major changes will have reshaped us in many ways.
'Spring/summer 2013 is grounded in a renewed sense of the importance of what’s real, what’s now and
its potential.' (WGSN macro trends, spring/summer 2013)
This will scare some people and enthuse others. Brands and businesses should be preparing now in
terms of their level of digital understanding,their investment in future talent and their openness to new
ideas, products and ways of living. There will be a significant popular watershed over the next 18 months
when old or assumed ideas will be questioned, with many deemed no longer applicable to society.
What defines 2013 from 2012 will be this mood of decisions being made about how to evolve and move
forward, rather than the exploringand experimenting we will see over the next 12 months.
Anything contemporary will see a huge resurgence in interest, as opposed to the passion for all things
vintage we have seen in recent years, and buzz words such as insight, facts, truth, certainty and
understanding will be key.
Rethinking and redesigning societal structure and education, and making sure it reaches as many as