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Microsoft Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange Server Deployment Guide

Microsoft Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange Server
Microsoft Corporation
Published: July 2010
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Verifying system requirements 6
Minimumserver requirements 6

Installing Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange Server 7
Security credentials required for installing on Exchange Server 2010 8
Installing on a standalone server by using the Setup Wizard 9
Post-installation notes 11
Installing from a command prompt - specifying parameters 12
Unpacking the installer 12
Performing a silent installation 12
Performing apassive installation 13
Post-installation notes 14
Deploying the product with System Center Configuration Manager 15
Using Configuration Manager to deploy the product 15
Deploying from a share 15
Extracting the setup file 15
Creating a package 16
Creating a program for deploying the package 16
Advertising the package 17
Creating a distribution point 18Updating the distribution point 19
Installing in a Hyper-V virtual environment 19
Verifying system requirements 20
About virtualization 20
Tuning performance 21
Optimizing guest and host operating system settings 21
About process counts 21

Upgrading Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange Server 22
Migrating from Forefront Security for Exchange Server Version 10 22Saving your data files, registry keys, and filter lists 23
Preserving filter lists created in FSE 23
Exporting your filter lists 23
Importing items into filter lists 24
Recording important settings 24
General Options settings 25
Diagnostics section 25
Logging section 25
Scanner Updates section 25
Scanning section 26
Background Scanning section 31Monitoring and configuration settings after migration 32
Applying service packs and rollups in a standalone environment 34

Installing in clustered and other high availability environments 35
About clusters 35
About the installation 37
Supporting third-party vendors 38
System requirements 38
Installing on a clustered system 39
Before you begin 39
Installing the product 39...
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