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FOR: Application
& Delivery

The Forrester Wave™: Application LifeCycle Management, Q4 2012
by Tom Grant, ph.D., October 23, 2012

Key TaKeaWays
Leaders Build product strategy around aLM Use Cases
Forrester Wave evaluation Leaders IBM, Rally Software, PTC, CollabNet, Microsoft,
and Serena Software offer strong solutions for ALM problems that no single
pointsolution could address. Their product strategies focus on such challenges as
delivery and the disruptions of Agile adoption, not just throwing new capabilities at
the customer.
strong performers and Contenders Find a specific audience
Atlassian and Rocket Aldon don’t focus as much on specific use cases that span
many ALM activities. Instead, they build tools to address smaller but widespreadproblems, such as release management and developer collaboration. Meanwhile,
HP is expanding its ALM offering beyond Quality Center.
aLM is Going Through a period of Redefinition and innovation
Hot ALM issues such as DevOps, embedded software, and requirements definition
show how the concept of ALM has expanded and changed. During this transition,
the seemingly crowded ALM market will benefitfrom the innovation that comes
from a wealth of competing and complementary product offerings.

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OcTOBER 23, 2012

The Forrester Wave™: application Life-Cycle
Management, Q4 2012
IBm, Rallysoftware, pTc, collabnet, microsoft, And serena software
lead The pack, With Hp, Atlassian, And Rocket Aldon Following
by Tom Grant, ph.D.
with Kyle mcnabb and Alissa Anderson

Why Read This RepoRT
In Forrester’s 116-criteria evaluation of application life-cycle management (ALM) vendors, we identified
the nine most significant software providers in the category — Atlassian, CollabNet, HP, IBM,Microsoft,
PTC, Rally Software, Rocket Aldon, and Serena Software — and researched, analyzed, and scored them.
This report details our findings about how well each vendor fulfills our criteria and where they stand in
relation to each other to help application development and delivery professionals select the right partner
for their software-fueled business innovation efforts.

Table Of contentsnotes & Resources

2 innovation drives interest in application LifeCycle Management

Forrester conducted lab-based evaluations
in september and October 2011 and
interviewed nine vendor and user companies:
Atlassian, collabnet, Hp, IBm, microsoft,
pTc, Rally software, Rocket Aldon, and
serena software.

6 application Life-Cycle Management
evaluation overview
10 The aLM ForresterWave Finds Many
Leaders and different directions
14 Vendor profiles

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The Forrester Wave™: Application life-cycle management, Q4 2012

iNNoVaTioN dRiVes iNTeResT iN appLiCaTioN LiFe-CyCLe MaNaGeMeNT
Business innovation now drives the application life-cycle management (ALM) market. The
contribution that application development and delivery makes to a company’s business goals...
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