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Your name: David Alves
Analysing a TV advertisement

1. Choose your ad. Go to YouTube ( and select anadvertisement that tells a very short story. If you need an example, look for “chanel nº5 le loup” or use this address:

2.Complete the information below:
Link on YouTube | |
Company | Old Spice |
Product | easy-to-use spray |
Director of the ad * |Created by W+K and Directed by Tim and Eric Awesome Show |
Date of production * | 2012 |
* If available
3. Choose six words that are important to describe the ad (ifyou need a dictionary, use Google Translator or
Exaggerated | Funny | Clique aqui para introduzir texto. |
Explosive| Clique aqui para introduzir texto. | Clique aqui para introduzir texto. |

4. Use the words from exercise 3 to write a brief summary of the story of your ad.-------------------------------------------------
It starts with a roling head on a bowlingtrail and it does to the body without head. The body put the head on and talk about theproduct. Then the Terry Crews press the spray and he stay headless.

5. Now answer this question: “Based on this ad, would you buy the product? Why/why not?” Explain yourideas, writing about 25 words.
The Commercial means: Smell is Power. That’s why it is so exaggerated. I Would buy thisproduct, actualy I have it and I like it. If we belive in what we see in the ad, we shouldn’t buy it or we stay headless too.

6. Finally, present your video to the class.
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