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Work of English.
Translate the texts and answer the questions.
1. The world is wet globe
Geography is the study of the Earth’s futures – it’s mountains and plain, rivers and seas , deserts andforest , and climates. Geographers explore measure, map and report these features.
To do this, today’s geographers are helped by, such tads as computers and satellite photography.
Photography takenfrom space confirms what early geographers discovered: the world is a globe, and two Thirds of its surface is covered by water.

Responda em português:
a)Dos acidentes geográficos mencionados notexto (mountains and plains, rivers and seas, deserts and Forest ) ; indique aquele onde é encontrada a menor quantidade de água.
R: Montanhas e Planícies.
b) Com que instrumentos contam os geógrafosde hoje em seu trabalho?
R: Computadores e imagens de satélites.
c) Justifique o titulo do texto.
R: O titulo diz que a terra é um globo molhado , porque a maioria da superfície da terra écomposta por água.
d) Quanto da superfície do planeta é coberta por água.
R: Dois terços.

2. The science of substances.
Chemistry is the science of substances their composition and properties, andhow they interact and change. It is at the basics of science, and it is part of everyday life.
In the 17:00s, Antoine Lavoisier of France set standards for experiments and created a system namingchemist. And in the 18:00s , British chemist John Dalton offered the first clear explanation of an atomic theory. Elements such as lead and gold he said are the most basic substances. Each is formed byunique atoms. The atoms don’t change. But they can combine to form compounds.
Today chemistry has many important uses. It helps fight disease, control pollution, increase the of food and improvemodern life in many different ways.

Responda em Português:
a)O que é que a química estuda?
R: Química é a ciência das substâncias, suas composições e propriedades, e como elas interagem e mudam....
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